Phillip Joseph Smolinsky
Phillip Joseph Smolinsky allegedly threw a banana at his live-in girlfriend. He was charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest. Pasco County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man is facing charges of domestic battery and resisting arrest without violence after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend with a banana.

Phillip Joseph Smolinsky, 36, of Port Richey, spent the new year in jail after his live-in girlfriend told a deputy with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office that he threw a banana at her. Smolinsky denied that, and told authorities that his girlfriend actually threw the banana at him.

But a sheriff’s deputy sided with Smolinksy’s girlfriend after they noticed her face was reddened slightly on the spot where she said she was hit with the fruit, according to First Coast News. Authorities also found a banana in the trash with parts of the peel on the ground near the couch where Smolinsky’s girlfriend was sitting.

Aside from domestic battery, Smolinsky is also facing resisting arrest without violence charges after he allegedly had to be pepper sprayed to be takeen into custody.

Smolinsky’s first court appearance was scheduled for Thursday afternoon. He was being held in the Pasco County Jail without bond.