This is not a drill. For those of you threatening to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, there is a better and less drastic option: move to outer space.

This Sunday, the whole country will celebrate Alien Abduction Day, a holiday dedicated to people who either want or expect to be abducted by an alien life form, according to a report by Open Skies, a news source dedicated to “UFO news and investigations.”

Also known as Extraterrestrial Abduction Day, the event was popularized by a 2008 Alien Abduction festival in Toronto, Fox News reported. Thanks, Canada! Some of the events featured on the poster for the event included "Free UFO Rides," "Random Abduction Incidents" or "getting in touch with your inner-extraterrestrial.”

The festival was first conceived by sci-fi fans and sponsored by a comic book shop and several local businesses in Toronto. If you’re not quite prepared to go to Canada for this important event, follow along on Twitter using the #AlienAbductionDay tag. For those of you that do go north, ensure you wear a tinfoil hat at all times. It’s unclear if this will prevent or enhance your abduction experience, but it will keep your head warm. On Sunday evening, temperatures are expected to slip into the 20s.

For anyone looking for more information about being abducted by aliens (or curious if they have already been beamed up by little green men), visit, where you’ll find a website that bills itself as "the world's oldest and largest research website."

And if all this is going completely over your head, maybe just stay at home and watch the new "X-files" on Fox.