Keek App
Keek is the hot new social media app that allows you to share video clips called Keeks with friends.

What is Keek? It's nothing short of one of this year's hottest new social apps. Keek was released in March and has exploded in popularity in the ensuing months, receiving 250 million page views and 21 million visits in August alone.

But just what is Keek all about? It's described as a “social video” service, meaning that it allows users to share short video clips with their friends, much like Instagram allows them to do with their photographs.

In that sense, users of Instagram can begin their understanding of Keek by considering it like a video version of that mega-popular photo-sharing app.

But Keek is more than just a video Instagram. Let the description of Keek provided on the site's homepage serve as an introduction:

“Keek is a new kind of social network. It's the easiest way to share video updates with friends. You can upload video status updates ("keeks") using your webcam or the Keek app for Android and iPhone. Connect with friends, share funny videos and more. Join the social video sharing revolution!”

Keek users connect with one another by uploading 36-second video snippets, which are shared socially through a variety of means.

A press release issued by Keek via Market Wire in September explained Keek's social tools quite well:

“Keek is a new social network that connects people via 36-second video updates known as keeks. With a host of unique features, Keek is a powerful new way to connect and engage with others. Users can follow and/or subscribe to other users; respond to keeks with text or video comments via "keekbacks," manage content, settings and real-time activity through a personal dashboard and monitor performance with a free analytics tool. Keek's latest Klusters feature lets users join group discussions, explore new topics or watch real-time keeks related to current events.”

And the Keek app is growing in popularity, according to the Keek press release. In August, 6.4 million videos existed on the site, 2 million of which were created in August alone at a rate of 66,000 created per day. As of August, 31 million social actions had taken place on the site, 9 million which took place in August.

As such, it's not surprising that investors are taking notice of the Keek app for Apple's iPhone and Android devices, judging by the explosion in popularity and visibility it has seen in recent years.

"With its rapidly growing user base and highly active community, Keek is uniquely positioned to dominate this fast-growing market," Devon Cranson, president at Cranson Capital Securities, said in the press release. "Keek is redefining the future of this space and their recent growth confirms there is a huge demand for social video."

And Cranson Capital Services is put its money where its mouth is when it came to its belief in the viability of Keek, contributing the most money in a $7 million financing round, which closed in September, which brought the total amount of money invested in Keek to more than $12 million as of that month, according to the release

On Thursday, the ante was raised yet again, as reality TV star Kim Kardashian tweeted out a message that mentions Keek to her nearly 17 million Twitter followers.

“You've been keeked!” the message read. It was accompanied by a link to a Keek clip on her personal Keek profile, which has more than 150,000 followers and growing. The Keek had been viewed more than a million times within a few hours of her tweeting the link out.

So it appears that Keek is here to stay. If you want to learn more about it or have been convinced that you want to be a part of this new wave in social media technology and sign up right away, simply click this link to visit the Keek homepage:

Happy Keeking!