North Korea's all-female Moranbong Band perform in Pyongyang on May 11, 2016. Ed Jones/AFP/GETTY

The leader of North Korean all-female pop band Moranbong was spotted at talks between North and South Korean diplomats Monday, according to CNN. North Korea has agreed to send a delegation including two ice skaters to the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month and the band member’s appearance at talks suggests Moranbong might be included in the delegation.

The woman, Hyon Song Wol, appeared at the talks in the demilitarized zone, the heavily fortified border between North and South Korea. The talks began after a New Year’s Day speech in which Kim Jong Un suggested he’d be interested in having North Korea participate in the Olympics on Pyeongchang.

Kim formed Moranbong in 2012. The group’s songs include fawning adoration of Kim and other patriotic messages. One song includes the lyrics “How can [Kim] be so kind, I have no choice but to be taken by him and his warm heart,” according to CNN. The band is allegedly hand-chosen by Kim and is North Korea’s first all-female group. The band often wears military style dresses and uniforms. Moranbong resembles a hybrid of South Korean K-pop bands and a military-style orchestra. The women of the band play their own instruments and are officially military members.

The band traveled to Beijing in 2015 for a concert series, but political issues caused the shows to be canceled.

North Korea’s delegation to the Olympics will include a cheering squad, an art troupe, a visitors' group, a Taekwondo demonstration team and a press corps, according to a joint statement from North and South Korea. The two countries are also in talks to field a joint women’s hockey team for the games.