What You Need to Design Your Dream Home Office
What You Need to Design Your Dream Home Office Photo by Paige Cody / Unsplash

Working from home has some major advantages, and one of those is being able to design your own office space. Because of this, you want to invest in the best ergonomic and quality products to make home office life a luxury. Fortunately, we've found top-quality products perfect for any home office situation.

Our Search for Premium Home Office Productivity

The pandemic is transforming working at home from a luxury to a necessity. Because of this, we took extra care to scour for products that can recreate an efficient office setting while being customizable to match your style. A lot of what we discovered was not ergonomic at all -- totally impractical for long-term office use.

We've worked tirelessly to compile the best home office products that balance affordability, performance, comfort, aesthetics, and high user ratings. What's a rolling chair if it doesn't support your lumbar? What's a desk if you don't have room for your computer, keyboard, notebook, and a cup of coffee? You get the point.


After a dedicated search, we evaluated how the features for these products could blend comfort and productivity in your dream office. Rising to the top are twelve products that we're absolutely positive you'll be satisfied with.

12 Things You Need in Your Home Office


If you want to use a laptop as a home office computer, you'll want to get yourself a laptop stand. Purchase one that will keep your posture upright. We suggest the Nulaxy Laptop Stand. It balances affordability with proper ergonomics.

MacBook Pro (2020)

MacBook Pros have a reputation for being a powerful computer. If you need a computer for general work and word processing, then the base, 13" model will do very well. However, if you do more intensive work such as video or photo editing, you'll want the 16" MacBook Pro with the 10th-gen Intel processor.

Acer Swift 3

If you're a dedicated Windows user, the Acer Swift is the way to go. The laptop has a Core i5 10th-gen Intel processor, 8GB memory, and a 14" HD screen. To add some fancy to the Acer, it also comes with a backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, and 11 hours of battery life.

One reviewer even wrote, "Great value for money. This a fast little computer that was purchased for a professional blogger/writer. It is similar in look to a MacBook air and the light-up keyboard is awesome."


You don't want a huge tower taking up all that floor and desk space, but then again, you don't have to refinance your house to find a sleek, modern all-in-one computer, either.

Mac Mini

Just because "mini" is in the name doesn't mean Apple shrinks down on this desktop's performance. The basic model comes with 256GB of storage and 8GB of memory. Its small size means that you won't have to worry about a tower taking up space; get yourself a decent monitor, and all the power of Apple is at your fingertips.

Dell Inspiron 3671

You may have to deal with a tower for this desktop, but the Dell Inspiron tower won't take up that much room. It comes with 1TB of internal storage and is great for multitasking. With its Dell Mobile Connect feature, you can sync your iOS or Android device to it, too.


Asus VA24EHE 24-Inch Full HD Monitor

If you need a larger screen or an upgrade to an existing desktop monitor, buy the Asus, Full HD resolution monitor. With Asus Eye Care Flicker-Free technology and low blue light, the monitor protects your eyes. You can tilt the monitor to achieve optimal ergonomics, and it is VESA mount compatible. It also comes with a VGA, HDMI, DVI-D video ports.

Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk


You don't need a big mahogany desk to feel like home office royalty. You need something that can adapt to your space and physical needs -- you need an adjustable desk. The Fully Jarvis desk is made from bamboo, has a UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating, and can support up to 350 lbs.

You can raise the desk 50" to low enough that you could sit on the ground if you wanted. The handset moves the desk quickly and quietly, and you can upgrade to an OLED touch programmable handset.

A verified reviewer wrote, "I've been working from home for just over 6 years and am an avid gamer. I bought my Bamboo Jarvis 2 years ago this week. After 2 years of abuse, my desk is still going strong."


Sitting down for a long time isn't great for your spine, so purchase an office chair that will take care of your back and behind. Spend more money on an office chair than a computer if you have to. The computer repair shop is much less painful than sciatica (believe me).

Staples Hyken Mesh Task Chair

The Hyken Mesh is all about ergonomics. Its design allows proper air circulation between the chair and your body to prevent uncomfortable friction and heat. It also has built-in lumbar support, adjustable tilt tensions, tilt lock, height adjustment, adjustable armrests, and neck support.

Staples Ardfield Mesh Back Fabric Task Chair

Similar to the Hyken Mesh, the Ardfield Mesh Back chair also affords stellar air circulation, tilt tension, tilt lock, and seat height adjustments. The armrests do not move, and there is no neck support, but the seat is plush and contoured to keep you comfortable, even on the longest workday.

Desk Organizer

Instead of shuffling through office supplies to find one pencil or those staple refills, get yourself a desk organizer, so you know exactly where everything is.

Jerry & Maggie

If you need access to manuals or books or push around paper often, the Jerry & Maggie desk organizer is like a mini bookshelf right in front of you. It is stylish, non-toxic, and lightweight -- and affordable.

5 Pcs Desk Organizer

These movable translucent organizers are great for the artist, MUI, and student who need to store brushes, pencils, pens, and anything that could easily get lost. They are made from BPA-free material, and you can arrange them however you want.

A reviewer actually called his a "clutter killer," and said, "These towers bins are perfect, they clean up the clutter on your desk and store things vertically."


Even in the best natural light situations, you'll need a little extra light to feel comfortable at work.

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

If you prefer a desk lamp, the Tomons Swing Arm is small enough to be discreet but bright enough to help out your eyes. Its wooden, adjustable body makes it a stylish addition to your home office, as well.

Simple Designs Floor Lamp

If you need to brighten up your entire office space, opt for a floor lamp. This Simple Designs floor lamp comes with a stylish linen shade and wooden shelves so you can better organize your office, too! The lamp also comes in different colors so you can match your lamp to your personal style.

Create the best home office you can and definitely look into our top-quality picks. If there's one thing we know, it's putting together an office space that works.