There's been a lot of debate about whether it's best to work out in the morning or at night. While there's really no physical difference between the two, you might find it easier to make time to hit the gym in the morning before work than in the evening.

For most people, evenings are spent with family, hanging out with friends, or relaxing after a tough day -- all of which leaves little time for the gym. But going to the gym in the morning isn't exactly a cakewalk either. You have to create and maintain a new routine.

Benefits Of Exercising Before Work

Exercise has practically infinite benefits, affecting both your body and mind. According to Dr. Nick Cavill, "If exercise were a pill, it will be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented." On its own, exercising regularly can prevent many dangerous health issues and save you from expensive medicines and hospital visits.

Let's look at a few benefits of creating a regular workout routine:

  • Regular exercise will reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50%.
  • Exercising decreases the risk of breast cancer by up to 20%.
  • A well-balanced workout combats the risk and effects of depression and anxiety.
  • A healthy workout routine reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by up to 35%.

The list goes on, but let's stop here. This is probably not the first time you've heard these statistics. But if everyone knows how important it is to exercise, why do so few people do it?

The number one reason that keeps people from exercising is excuses, and there are lots of them. You feel tired, you don't have time, the list goes on. But the great benefit of hitting the gym in the morning is that it gets your body energized, and your mind focused on work.

Exercising in the morning can provide you with a positive outlook for the day ahead. Let's go over some hot tips for getting in that early morning workout, and a few things you need to hit the gym before going to work.

3 Tips To Get To The Gym Early

1. Wake up early

Go to the gym before work starts by waking up early. I know how hard it is to give up that extra hour of sleep. You just keep snoozing the alarm until it's too late. But don't beat yourself up if you struggle to wake up early.

Try setting more than one alarm each day. When one goes off and you snooze, the next will start ringing. You might also want to move your phone or alarm clock to another part of your bedroom. That way, you have to get up to shut it off.

You can also include motivational quotes beside your alarm. If it's the first thing you see when you open your eyes, it can give you that extra push to get out of bed.

2. Bring a friend along

When you commit to doing something with someone, it makes it harder to back out. If you can, convince a family member, friend, or neighbor to join you in your morning workout. It will encourage both of you to stay consistent since you'll be depending on each other to show up.


3. Prepare the night before

Don't leave yourself scrambling in the dark to find your favorite pair of workout shorts. Prepare the night before. This will reduce the time spent looking for your shoes or water bottle in the morning. You simply wake up, grab your bag and get going, without wasting any time.

Try packing a gym bag with your work clothes and a protein-fueled snack for when you're finished. Don't forget to pack extra deodorant to freshen up before you go.

What You Need To Exercise

Here are a few things you'll need to get ready for your morning workout:

Exercise clothes

Layout your workout clothes for the morning, or sleep in them the night before. Make sure they're comfortable and provide you with enough room to move. You'll also want to find a material that can wick moisture, so you don't stay sweaty during your workday.


Work outfit

It wouldn't be professional to show up for a client meeting in your sweaty yoga pants, right? Make sure you pack a neatly folded, wrinkle-free set of office clothes (shoes too) to change into before you head to the office.


It is good to have your towel with you when you go to the gym. You can keep a small hand towel in your gym bag, so you don't drip sweat all over the treadmill. And if you plan to shower in the locker room after, make sure you have a bath towel to dry off.


Sweating means that the body is losing water, and you need to replenish it. Make sure you have a refillable water bottle in your bag. It's also a good idea to include a light snack full of protein in your bag in case you feel hungry.



Don't forget to include your headphones. And try to download your favorite workout playlist before you go. That way, you know you'll have music to pump you up, even if the gym doesn't have great WI-FI.

That's A Wrap

All these steps will make it easier for you to finish a satisfying morning workout. Try to stick to your routine, no matter what. Each time you think of stopping, remember your motivations and all the good you're doing for your body. Put your health first and head to the gym before you start your work.