The navy blue U.S. passport isn’t as powerful as it used to be. Singapore’s passport became the most powerful according to the Passport Index on Wednesday. It is the first time an Asian country has had the most powerful passport in the index’s history.

Germany and Singapore were previously tied for first place, but a recent decision by Paraguay to eliminate visa restrictions for citizens of the island elevated it to first place. The people of Singapore — a small city-state in southeastern Asia with a population of around five million people — can enter the highest number of countries without a visa or by getting a visa on arrival.

The index compares passport strength by visa weighing requirements either beforehand or once a traveler arrives at a destination. The index is compiled by financial advisory firm Arton Capital.

Several nations allow in Singaporeans without a visa but require one from the U.S. like China, Cuba and Brazil. Americans can travel to Singapore visa-free but must acquire a visa on arrival when coming to the U.S. travelers from Singapore.

The U.S. ranked third in the index last year. The U.S. passport finds itself tied for sixth with Malaysia, Canada and Ireland. There are 18 countries ranked ahead of the U.S. including South Korea, Sweden, Italy, Japan and the U.K.

“While Singapore quietly climbed the ranks, the U.S. passport has fallen down since President Donald Trump took office,” said Arton Capital in a statement to CNBC.

Two countries have made it harder for U.S. citizens to travel there this year.

The U.S. and Turkey suspended visa service between their two nations earlier this month. Turkey arrested a U.S. embassy employee, thereby beginning the diplomatic fight. The Central African Republic also recently revoked passport-free visits to U.S. citizens.

Top Ten Strongest Passports

1. Singapore

2. Germany

3. Sweden/South Korea

4. Denmark/Finland/Italy/France/Spain/Norway/Japan/U.K

5. Luxembourg/Switzerland/Netherlands/Belgium/Austria/Portugal

6. Malaysia/Ireland/U.S./Canada

7. Greece/New Zealand/Australia

8. Malta/Czech Republic/Iceland

9. Hungary

10. Slovenia/Slovakia/Poland/Lithuania/Latvia

Top Ten Weakest Passports

1. Afghanistan

2. Pakistan/Iraq

3. Syria

4. Somalia

5. Yemen/Bangladesh

6. Sudan/Iran/Nepal/Sri Lanka

7. Lebanon

8. North Korea/Libya

9. Ethiopia/Eritrea/Palestine

10. South Sudan