rio opening ceremony 2016
Brazil will end the 2016 RIo Summer Games with its Closing Ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 21. Getty Images

As the more than 10,000 athletes on hand enter Day 10 of the 2016 Rio Games, plans are already underway and a few details known for the Summer Games closing ceremony taking place on Sunday, Aug. 21 in Maracana Stadium.

Serving as a bookend to the Opening Ceremony and officially ushering host-nation Brazil’s duties away, many of the participating athletes and the 207 countries they represent should be on hand for the Games final event.

The Opening Ceremony, crafted and run by famed film director Fernando Meirelles, perhaps didn’t provide the spectacle of the last two host-cities (London and Beijing) but, was a prideful and fun occasion that showcased Brazil’s multicultural heritage and even called for serious action to combat climate change.

Also, Brazil, wisely, ditched the idea of staging a mugging of world famous model and icon Gisele Bundchen, a stunt that could’ve confused audiences watching at home or even in the stadium.

Currently, the full details of the Closing Ceremony or unknown, but the final event at previous Games can be even bigger and more star-packed than the opener. Four years ago in London, major musical artists like the Spice Girls, Elton John, and One Direction, among many others, performed as Great Britain ended its time as host.

It’s very possible that Pele, considered by many to be the greatest soccer player in history and who helped Brazil win three World Cups, makes an appearance after missing the Opening Ceremony due to health issues. According to the Associated Press, the 75-year-old tweeted last week that he hopes to attend the Closing Ceremony. He recently had hip surgery.

"I am continuing my physiotherapy and focused on joining you for the closing festivities on August 21. I love you! #olympics," Pele wrote.

How American broadcaster NBC handles the Closing Ceremony, after garnering the lowest ratings since 1992 in Barcelona and criticism for its tape-delay broadcast, will also be a factor.

Much of the closing ceremonies involves honoring the very first Olympics as well as passing the torch on to the next host city. Specifically, the national anthems of Greece, Brazil, and Japan (host of the 2020 Summer Games) will be played.

Date: Sunday, Aug. 21

Time: 7 p.m. ET

TV Channel: NBC