TAR Chris and Bret
Chris Hammons and Bret Labelle could be eliminated after completing a Speed Bump in Vietnam on “Amazing Race.” CBS

A non-elimination leg allowed the last place finishing team to survive and compete for another round on Season 31 of “The Amazing Race,” but as the race continues through Vietnam and puts teams through their hardest challenges yet, the competition will only continue to grow.

Spoiler Alert: The ending of Season 31, Episode 3 “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy” Is Discussed Below

The “Survivor” group almost lost another team in their midst after Chris Hammons and Bret Labelle arrived last at the Pit Stop after first making the mistake of trying the dancing Detour before switching to the fishing one, and then struggling at the karaoke Roadblock and allowing Leo and Jamal to pass them. However, as they became convinced their time on the Race was over, Phil gave them the good news that they would live to continue running another leg as this one was a non-elimination.

Now, with the teams continuing to form alliances and battling with others, as well as an added Speed Bump for Chris and Bret, things will only be more intense than they were before as the teams continue navigating and completing tasks in Ho Chi Minh City. So who will find themselves facing the dreaded chance of elimination on the next leg? Here’s our ranking for where we think the teams will fall before their time in Vietnam comes to an end.

Becca Droz and Floyd Pearce:

TAR Becca Floyd
Becca Droz and Floyd Pearce not only got redemption, but proved they’ll be around a while on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

After just barely surviving the Double U-Turn in Laos, Team Fun was then thrown for a small loop when they learned they were heading back to Vietnam—the same country that took them out during Season 29. However, this time around, things went very much their way and they showed up to prove they are still as strong of competitors as everyone else. If they can get double redemption here, then they will manage to still stick things out for a while.

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo:

If there’s anything Nicole and Victor are proving this season, it’s that having formerly been on “Race” isn’t necessarily the biggest advantage—proper teamwork and support for one another is the key to success, and it’s providing them well. Since they continue to place second now, they’re likely going to keep staying near the front of the pack and won’t be going anywhere.

Colin Guinn and Christie Woods:

TAR Colin and Christie
Colin Guinn and Christie Woods aren’t going anywhere anytime soon on “The Amazing Race.” CBS

Slow and steady seems to be the way that the newly Zen Colin and Christie are planning to play the game, and it suits them well. They’re itching for a better finish though then third, so they are likely to turn up their competitive sides a little more and won’t be leaving the race anytime soon.

Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran:

Granted, this leg was a bad one for the Afghanimals—their worst performance yet, considering they went from the ultimate front-runners to just making it to the pit stop in enough time to avoid being the last team. Considering how they operate though and the fact that they aren’t afraid to use dirty tricks to win, they won’t find themselves falling that far again.

Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl:

TAR Tyler and Korey
Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl will be sticking it out for the long haul on “Amazing Race.” CBS

Also redeeming themselves after they were U-Turned were Tyler and Korey, who initially questioned if they made the right decision when it came to their Detour choice, but eventually allowed their patience to win out—and land them in fourth place. These two are going to stick it out for a while still, and fans won’t be saying goodbye to them anytime soon.

Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater:

The Reilly sisters took a tumble this leg and saw cracks in their façade of peppiness as a result. They are also one of the teams that have grated on the nerves of others regularly, which doesn’t bode well for them. However, the new alliance they’ve struck up will keep them in this a little bit longer.

Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes:

They’ve been flying under the radar and not really doing anything to draw too much attention to themselves, which may be what’s helping Janelle and Britney continue staying in the competition. Their alliance with Rachel and Elissa, as well as Victor and Nicole, will continue to serve them for a while, but they will eventually find themselves out if they don’t improve their skill level.

Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins:

Sadly the remaining “Survivor” contingent is the ones that will see itself leave the competition next, either in the form of Corinne and Eliza or Bret and Chris. Corinne and Eliza did well on this most recent leg, but they haven’t made any friends—and that won’t be good for them going forward. Having teams that want to be on your side can help in all kinds of ways, from hints on challenges to helping with navigation, or even blatantly teaming up to work together, and they’ve exhausted pretty much all of those options. While no one necessarily trusts The Afghanimals, being enemies with them puts them at risk of being teamed up on by former “TAR” teams, while their feud with Rachel and Elissa also runs them afoul of the “Big Brother” group. Their only saving grace is their fellow Survivors, and not even because of an alliance, but because of the extra task they have to perform.

Chris Hammons and Bret Labelle:

Being handed a Speed Bump can be a curse on “Amazing Race” which forces a team to say their goodbyes, albeit a leg later than they previously thought. Unless Chris and Bret can really up their game or improve their navigation, then they will be the “Survivor” team that sees their “Race” end.

“The Amazing Race” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.