Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback that led the Green Bay Packers to a near-perfect season this year. The football player slated to win the 2011 NFL MVP Award. And the boyfriend of Chico, Calif. native Destiny Newton.

Rodger's relationship with Newton is a close-kept secret, to say the least. The football player has never discussed his romantic relationships with the press, and although the Internet has plenty of pictures of the couple, they have yet to be seen together at any major public event... except Newton cheering Rodgers on at Packer games, that is.

But while Newton may be something of an anomaly in the world of professional athletes and their high-profile girlfriends, we do know five things about the elusive blonde beauty. From how the two met to Destiny's favorite drink, here's everything you need to know about Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend Destiny Newton.

1. The Childhood Friends Met At Church Camp.

Aaron Rodgers and Destiny Newton were both born in Chico, the most populous city in Butte County, California.

The pair met, however, as teenager at church camp. Pastor Andrew Burchett of the Chico Neighborhood Church has said that the Packers quarterback has always been led by his faith, and he's been known to spend time during the NFL off-season volunteering for his church.

Newton's involvement in Chico Neighborhood Church is unknown, but her family is overjoyed at her early involvement, and how it led Destiny to the Packers MVP.

Aaron is a wonderful guy, mom Colene told RadarOnline. They're very happy together and our family loves him.

2. Her Family Owns A Funeral Home.

Destiny Newton's background is a bit unusual, to say the least. Her father, Ric Newton, and family friend Bob Bracewell founded the Newton-Bracewell Chico Funeral Home back in 1993.

Ric Newton was once president for the California Funeral Directors Association, and Colene is an administrative assistant in the funeral business.

And while Destiny Newton was cozying up to Aaron Rodgers, sister Shawntel was training to join the family business: she is now a certified funeral director and embalmer for the Newton-Bracewell funeral home.

3. The Newtons Are No Strangers To Fame...

The same Shawntel Newton was a contestant on Season 15 of The Bachelor. Youngest sister Vanessa was the one to submit her for the show, according to Bleacher Report.

Shawntel made it to the final four, but was eliminated after the hometown visit episode.

Later on, Colene told RadarOnline that she was glad her daughter didn't wind up with Bachelor Brad Womack, who also failed to find love on Season 11 of the same show.

4. ... But Destiny Newton Is Very Down To Earth.

Brad Womack may not have been wowed by the Newton hometown visit, but Aaron Rodgers seems to be a fan of Destiny's fun-loving attitude.

In a 2010 interview with Pacific Sun Magazine, she said she would definitely take going out camping over going to a club any day.

Interviewer Seth Combs described her as someone who would rather be riding horses outside than a mechanical bull in a nightclub.

Destiny's last known job was as a bartender in San Diego, Calif. in 2007, when she was working to get her communications degree. Her favorite drink is Jack Daniels on the rocks.

5. Only One Woman For Aaron Rodgers?

The Green Bay Packers quarterback may be tight-lipped about his relationship with Destiny Newton, but their relationship seems to be the only serious romance so far in Rodgers' life.

In late 2010, Aaron Rodgers was linked to both ESPN's Erin Andrews and actress Jessica Szohr. Both relationships, however, were short-lived, if they took off at all.

By early 2011, meanwhile, Rodgers was spotted back with Destiny Newton, and paparazzi shot the pair messing around on a Hawaii beach a few months later.

To check out more pictures of Aaron Rogers and his girlfriend, check out Busted Coverage's shots of the couple in Hawaii and Newton at the MVP's football games.