A member of the fraternal order of St. Maria of Loreto waits before a Easter Sunday ceremony where they run across the square of Sulmona carrying the statue of Madonna che Scappa, or The Madonna Who Runs in the Square, in L'Aquila, Italy, April 12, 2009. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Andrea Contin, a Catholic priest in northern Italy’s Veneto region, is under police investigation over allegations of organizing orgies and soliciting about 15 women, according to reports Monday. He is also accused of living off immoral earnings and psychological violence.

The investigation against the 48-year-old was launched after complaints from three of his female parishioners. Police recovered pornographic videos concealed in covers bearing the names of popes, several sex toys and videos showing orgies organized in his rectory on the San Lazzaro church premises, according to the Times.

Contin is also accused of pimping about 15 women on wife-swapping websites and going on lavish holidays with lovers to countries such as Croatia, France and Austria. One of the destinations included a naturist and swingers resort in Cap d’Agde on the southern French coast.

The allegations first came to light when one of the women parishioners complained about Contin to the local bishop last summer. At the time the church authorities did not seek police help pending their own investigation against the priest.

A woman, who claims she had been in a relationship with Contin, said she found several erotic games, collars and leashes that were arranged in order from the smallest to largest in the rectory.

“It happened in the rectory and in different hours, at all hours. Morning, afternoon, night, always,” she reportedly said.

A prosecutor is reportedly investigating the allegations. Police have not arrested Contin, but he has been suspended from duty pending investigation.