Austria's Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala, dubbed the "ice cream killer," is being moved this month to a "special" all-male penitentiary in Asten, Upper Austria, reports said Monday. The Mexican-born Spanish national will be housed at a facility currently holding 91 male prisoners, with 13 female inmates en route there.

Carranza, 38, brutally murdered her husband, Holger Holz, in 2008 and a lover, Manfred Hinterberger, in 2010 after both of them failed to impregnate her. In 2012, she was sentenced to life behind bars for the murders. She killed both men, cut them up with a chainsaw and hid them in an ice cream freezer at the parlor she owned, masking the smell with air freshener, Metro reported.

Court psychologist Heidi Kastner, who testified during the earlier trial in 2012, reportedly said that Carranza was accountable for her actions and that she had a high chance of relapse. Kastner had also said that therapy would most likely not work for her.

In June 2011, plumbers working in the cellar of Carranza’s ice cream shop stumbled upon the remains of both victims’ bodies, the New York Post reported. Carranza, who had fled to Italy in a cab, was arrested and extradited to Austria by Italian authorities. At the time of her arrest, she was a few months pregnant by a third man whom she later married. Her child, who was born in January 2012, was taken from her by social services.

Her lawyers Werner Tomanek and Rudolf Mayer reportedly said that since being incarcerated, Carranza has taken some crucial steps toward getting better.

They added, in a joint statement: "It is important that our client can finally be comprehensively treated." The lawyers are still focusing on Carranza's eventual transfer to a prison in her native country Spain, but such a transfer would only be possible if the 38-year-old is considered cured.