A Brazilian DJ died Sunday after the stage he was performing on collapsed during the Atmosphere dance music festival in Esteio, Brazil. kaleb_freitas/Instagram

A Brazilian DJ died Sunday after the stage he was performing on collapsed during the Atmosphere dance music festival in Esteio, near the southern city of Porto Alegre in Brazil.

Kalleby Freitas da Rosa, popularly known as DJ Kaleb Freitas was performing when wind gusts and looming storm clouds played spoilsport causing the stage to disassemble. A video shared by someone in the audience shows how the metal structure came crashing down due to the unfavourable weather conditions.

Freitas was just 30-years-old and lived in Porto Alegre. He suffered head injuries and was immediately rushed to São Camilo Hospital in Esteio. He was pronounced dead when he reached the hospital.

Nearly 5,000 people were attending the festival when the weather took a turn for the worse with heavy wind and torrential rain. This led to panic among the audience, provoking a stampede.

A statement posted by the organizers originally in Portuguese on Facebook said they value the security of their audience and are following all the processes, reports and authorizations requested by the local authorities. It said they will keep people informed of their actions and the facts regarding what occurred. The message continued saying, "We're sorry, we lost a friend, an artist. Our priority is to assist the wounded and their families. We thank the military brigade and the fire department for all their assistance."

Fans took to social media to pay tribute to the artist.

Kaka Guimaraes wrote on Facebook: "You were a person of great light and your smile charmed many people. I told you that less than three weeks ago and be assured we will always remember you with a huge smile on your face."

"Angel of my heart, friendship without limits. We are selfish by nature and do not want to lose anyone but your day to go up to Heaven has come," another fan, Andressa Schorner wrote.

According to a report in TMZ an investigation has been launched to find out why the festival was allowed to continue when weather warnings were already given.

One of the people in-charge of the venue, Sergio Bandoca, told the Daily Star U.K., "it was madness. The scale of the tragedy could have been far worse. Things were flying all over the place. There was panic."

According to Local Civil Defence coordinator Alexandre Camboa it was already announced that the weather would not be good. "The forecast for Sunday afternoon was gale-force winds, hand and torrential rain," Camboa said.

According to various reports, Commander of Esteio’s Fire Brigade, Luciano Machado Morais, said: "The festival was staged in an open area and the speed and strength of the wind proved too much for the capacity of the metal structure over the stage."