A video showcasing a man having sexual intercourse with a woman went viral due to speculations that the man was badminton ace Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia.

According to a report by Malaysia Digest, the world number two, however, took the speculations in good humor. In an interview, Wei reportedly stated jokingly that he would volunteer to forward the video he had received to the reporter.

“You want me to forward it to you?” Wei asked. “So many people have sent the video to me,” Wei added with a fit of laughter.

But he also answered the question which was in the minds of many. “It is not me,” Wei said. With reference to the person shown in the video, he said, “The person doesn't even look like me.”

“How did this happen?” Wei asked, while stating that there were numerous ludicrous claims making rounds about the video and that he wasn’t bothered about them anymore. 

According to the official site of the Badminton World Federation, Wei holds the second spot in world singles ranking and has 688 career wins. Wei was born in Bagan Serai, Perak, in Malaysia on Oct.21, 1982 to a Malaysian Chinese family.

In his early years, he was more drawn toward basketball but his mother stopped him from playing it due to the heat which was there on basketball courts. Wei started playing badminton from 11 years of age when his father, who also liked playing the game, brought Wei to a badminton hall.

Wei caught the attention of a local coach named Teh Peng Huat, who took Wei under his wings with the permission of Wei’s father. Wei was drafted into the Malaysian national badminton squad at the age of 17.

Wei is a triple silver medalist at the Olympic Games and is the sixth Malaysian to win a medal at the Olympics. He won his first silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games and it was the first time that a Malaysian got to the finals in the men’s badminton singles event.

Wei is married to Wong Mew Choo and they have two children, the Malaysian Digest reported.

Wei got the video Monday and although at first he thought lightly of the whole issue, seeing the video going viral, he decided that it was time to make an official complaint regarding the matter, the report added.

Wei said, “So many people have been calling to confirm if it was me, and I had to laugh it off. Initially I had no plans of acting on it, because really it’s just a waste of time. ”

“However, it is getting out of hand, and I will be lodging a police report at (Federal police headquarters in) Bukit Aman today,” added Wei.