Donald Sterling
Maiko Maya King, a former employee and alleged ex-lover of Donald Sterling, is suing the embattled 80-year-old over years of purported sexual and racial harassment. Reuters

An alleged lover and former employee of embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is suing the 80-year-old for racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, Maiko Maya King claims to have engaged in an affair with Sterling from 2005 to 2011, despite being married with two kids. Throughout the relationship, Sterling allegedly encouraged King to leave her husband and work for him.

King claims that she served as an employee at Sterling’s foundation, during which time he supported her financially. However, the complaint alleges that he subjected her to a “steady stream of racially and sexually offensive comments.”

A copy of the lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, contains samples of Sterling’s alleged comments. In reference to King’s husband and children, he allegedly asked, “How could you be married to a black man?” and “Why would you bring black people into the world?”

King’s lawsuit also claims that Sterling said, “I want to take you out of the black world and put you into the white world.” However, when the couple fought, Sterling allegedly told King to “move back to the ghetto with a black man.”

Sterling and King broke up in 2011, only to resume communication in 2013 following the death of her father. Sterling made King his personal assistant and purportedly agreed to pay her $10,000 per month, as well as a $100,000 year-end bonus, a house and a car.

During this period, King claims that she came into contact with V. Stiviano, Sterling’s female companion who initially leaked his racist comments to the public. Sterling allegedly introduced Stiviano as his girlfriend, which caused King to assume that he would no longer pursue a sexual relationship with her.

However, King’s complaint said that Sterling “dangled money only if [King] would have sex with him.”

“He confided in her he had difficulty having sexual relations and that he was bored with V. He told her he would give her bonuses if she could help him perform sexually,” the lawsuit said. “He insisted that she get into bed with him and attempt to arouse him sexually and would get angry with her when he could not become aroused.”

When King refused to perform any sexual favors, she claims Sterling purportedly responded by withholding her promised wages. He would also routinely walk around naked in front of King, as well fondle her in public, according to the lawsuit.

Throughout this time, Sterling is alleged to have made several racist statements, including: “Mexicans just do drive by shootings” and “Black people do not take care of their children. All they do is sit at home and smoke dope.”

King claims that when she protested against Sterling’s behavior, he responded by firing her on May 7, 2014, according to the lawsuit.

King is suing Sterling for unspecified damages related to her ongoing “extreme and severe mental anguish and emotional distress.” Sterling has yet to respond to the allegations.

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