The New Hampshire 2012 Republican debate was filled with question on social issues, foreign policy and the economy.

Frontrunner Mitt Romney looked poised and confident. Romney spoke again and again about turning around the direction of the country from President Obama’s path towards European socialism.

Newt Gingrich scored points with the crowd with his claim that the Obama administration is waging war against Christians in America.

Rick Santorum hit on his message of family values and putting blue-collar people back to work.

Rick Perry stuck to his hawkish foreign policy and pro-domestic oil stance.

Ron Paul was consistent in his message of non-interventionism, big debt reductions and reigning in the Federal Reserve.

Jon Huntsman sparred with Romney on how to deal with China on trade issues (Romney wants tariffs on China and Huntsman does not).

So who won the debate? And who do you support for the New Hampshire 2012 Republican race (and the overall Republican nomination race)?

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