While electric carmakers are engineering in real-like engine sounds to mask the elimination of the powertrain purr, Hyundai (HYMTF) has introduced a new feature in its Sonata that will reportedly make the driver calmer.

Hyundai is all set to introduce nature sounds in the 2020 Sonata midsized sedan that will include settings for “lively forest,” “open-air cafe,” “calm sea waves,” “snowy village,” and more, USA Today reported.

These nature sounds, which are often used to lull people to sleep, were reportedly added by Hyundai to reduce the sounds of the city, allowing drivers to unwind during traffic jams, congestion, and construction backups.

While the nature sounds may be distracting to some drivers, they can be added as a feature on modern cars at a small cost to automakers as they are simply written into the software of the vehicle, the news outlet said.

Whether or not drivers will gravitate towards the Sonata’s nature sounds remains to be seen, but it does standout as a feature that drivers will love or hate going into 2020.

Shares of Hyundai stock were unchanged as of market close on Monday.

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