Representational image of a woman holding her belly before having an ultrasound examination at the Birthing Center of South Florida in Florida City, Oct. 12, 2006. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A woman is currently undergoing medical counseling in the Indian city of Chennai after she faked her pregnancy out of fear that her husband would leave her if she didn't conceive.

Sudhakar married his sister's daughter Gayathiri six years ago. The couple was trying for a baby for the past many years. Out of fear that her husband would lose interest in her, Gayathiri informed him and his family that she was pregnant. She also informed her husband she was being treated at a private hospital and that all her reports were with her gynecologist.

However, things got tricky for the woman as her “delivery date” came closer. Sudhakar started accompanying her to the hospital every time in order to look after her. Stuck in a web of lies, Gayathiri fled from the hospital one day and her husband then filed a missing person complaint at a nearby police station. He also claimed she was kidnapped.

A day later, he received a call from Gayathiri stating she was kidnapped and that her newborn baby was snatched away from her. He immediately rushed to the police station to inform. The cops then checked the hospital’s CCTV footage and found out she was lying. The footage showed Gayathiri walking away alone.

Further investigation revealed the two were depressed about not having a baby despite being married for long. Gayathiri confessed she was scared her husband would lose interest in her and leave her if she did not conceive, Times Now News reported.

In a similar incident in October, a Colombian woman faked her pregnancy for nine months to keep her partner from leaving her. Antonela Santiago Padilla and her partner Victor got separated after knowing each other for long. They got back in contact in 2017 when Padilla informed him about her brother’s death. Victor informed her about dating another woman, however, they got close when he split with her. However, insecurity about Victor going back to his ex-girlfriend forced her to fake pregnancy. She started wearing a cushion under her clothes and stuffed it with rags in order to make it look like it was growing and also made false doctor’s appointments. However, on the delivery date, she claimed to have been kidnapped and the baby being taken away for organ harvesting. Upon investigation by the police, it was revealed she was never pregnant.

“It was all fake, yes, I invented everything and I did it out of love, for fear that I would lose the person I cared about, fear that he would stay with her, that’s why I did it and I take full responsibility,” she said, My Joy Online reported.