A Canadian woman pleaded guilty to three charges after she evaded a hefty tab she racked up at a bar, including allegedly faking a seizure, the White Court Star reported Monday.

Blanca Velasco ditched a bill that totaled $1,575. Velasco landed three consecutive sentences of 21 days for each offense. She served her initial sentence at the Whitecourt Provincial Court on Dec. 12 in Alberta, Canada.

Prosecutor Phil Lefeuvre said that Velasco inflated her tab purchasing alcohol at the establishment. After she received the bill, she appeared to have a seizure, which a doctor later deemed fake.

"She does have a lengthy record," Lefeuvre said, according to White Court Star.

Velasco’s defense attorney Crystal McMahon said she filed the guilty plea and that her client admitted to the charges.

McMahon revealed that Velasco was unemployed and collecting public assistance. She claimed that her client is also suffering from alcoholism and PTSD.

Judge John Higgerty stated that Velasco’s decision affected the pockets of the bar staff that assisted her during the incident.

"I take a very dim view of these things," Higgerty said. "That could be a number of hours of their wage disappear(ing) when she walks out that door."

A San Francisco women similarly staged a seizure in September to avoid robbery, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Julie Dragland, 32, said she was riding a Bay Area Rapid Transit train, playing on her phone, when a threating note fell into her lap.

"I was really scared," she said. "Probably maybe the most scared I've ever been."

The note read, "There are two guns pointed at you now. If you want to live, hand back your wallet and phone now and do not turn around and be discreet."

Dragland said she was too scared to address the suspect, so she decided to fake a seizure to draw attention. Passengers tended to Dragland, which prompted the suspect to exit to train. She claimed she may have been inspired by a famous television crime show.

"It might have been 'Law and Order,'" she said. "I don't know why I did it."