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  • The retired navy man's body was chopped up in six pieces using a hacksaw
  • His wife and son initially filed a missing complaint to the Baruipur police station
  • A part of his hip was discovered about 1.5 kilometers from the police station

A mother and son in West Bengal, India, were remanded to police custody for 14 days by a local court Sunday in connection with the death of her husband.

Ujjwal Chakraborty, 55, a retired Indian Navy personnel, was strangled on Nov. 14, The Times of India reported, citing police.

His body was chopped up in six pieces using a hacksaw and then disposed of separately by his son Joy Chakraborty, 25, and his wife Shyamali, 48, police said.

Shyamali and Joy filed a missing complaint at the Baruipur police station at 5:15 a.m. Tuesday. However, on Saturday, details regarding the whereabouts of Ujjwal unfolded, leading to the arrest of Shyamali and Joy. The mother and son killed Ujjwal, cut up his body and dumped the parts, police said.

Police launched a search Sunday to trace the missing body parts. Around 1.5 kilometers from the police station, a part of the hip was found, according to authorities. The severed arms and the hacksaw blade have not been found.

Police also assigned divers to a pond where Joy said he dumped the parts, but nothing was found. The legs were discovered late Saturday.

Shyamali was repeatedly asked by reporters if she felt any remorse.

"He used to torture me daily," Shyamali told the members of the press waiting outside the Baruipur police station of her husband, according to Times of India.

According to Joy, he needed money to go to Chennai for a job interview. Instead of providing money, the victim slapped the polytechnic carpentry student twice. The initial report revealed that the father refused his son Rs 3,000 ($37).

When he was attacked again, Joy said he pushed back. Ujjwal's anger turned against Shyamali. He reportedly beat her severely and then went to pull Joy's hair. According to the police, the former navy man had hit his head on a chair after being pushed by his son, Firstpost reported.

Joy then went on to strangle him. This happened at around 9 p.m.

A hacksaw, bought to repair windowpanes, was used by Joy and Shyamali to cut up Ujjwal's body in the bathroom, unnamed sources told the Times of India. Joy then put the pieces in a sack and carried them on his bicycle to dump them. Police said that Shyamali went with him and that they went out twice.

After that, Shyamali washed off the bloodstains. Both of them waited for a while before going to the police station.

"They had taken us to places where they dumped the body parts. On Saturday, the legs were found. On Sunday, they took us to a different place where they had dumped the arms and hips. After a three-hour search, only the hip bones could be traced," an officer said, according to the Times of India.

"The day they lodged the missing dairy, something looked wrong. People tend to wait for near ones who haven't returned home till morning. When we first wanted to question Joy, Shyamali would not let us in their home, nor would she provide his number. During the search of their home, she had a long telephonic conversation with someone before she opened the door. By then, the preliminary post-mortem indicated death due to strangulation. We questioned them in detail till it led to their confessions," the officer said.

The search is still on for the other parts of the body.

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