Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold hasn't had a match at WrestleMania in over a decade. Reuters

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are two of the biggest starts in WWE history. With WrestleMania 30 set for Sunday in New Orleans, there’s a chance both will be a part of the event.

Austin’s involvement in the pay-per-view has been confirmed. When the former wrestler arrived in New Orleans, he told TMZ that he would make an appearance, though he didn’t specify what his role would be on the show.

It’s been three years since Austin was at WrestleMania. In 2011, he was the special guest referee for the match between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. He held the same role when Brock Lesnar and Goldberg faced off in 2004. Austin’s last match in WWE was at WrestleMania 19, when he faced The Rock. It was the third ever match between the two at the year’s biggest PPV.

While it’s been over a decade since Stone Cole has been in a match at WrestleMania, The Rock has headlined the event in the last two years. At WrestleMania 28, he defeated John Cena to close out the show. A year ago, he lost the WWE Championship in a rematch with Cena, after taking the title from CM Punk at the Royal Rumble.

WWE has confirmed Stone Cold’s appearance at WrestleMania 30, but they haven’t made an announcement regarding The Rock. According to the Wrestling Observer, the company has reached out to The Rock, and he’s expected to be featured on the show. The Rock may not make the trip to New Orleans, though he could be part of a taped segment.

Last year, it looked like The Rock would wrestle at WresleMania 30. He told Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 that he was supposed to begin an angle with Lesnar, on the day after WrestleMania 29. The storyline might have translated into a match between the two on Sunday, but an injury has kept The Rock out of the ring.

It’s unknown If Austin or The Rock will ever have another match in WWE. It’s been long speculated that Austin and CM Punk would eventually meet a WrestleMania, but the latter left the company in January. The Rock has become one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, and has said that his wrestling career could be finished.