Roman Reigns, WWE
Roman Reigns holds aloft the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. WWE


  • WWE put together a solid card that kept pro wrestling fans entertained
  • WrestleMania 39 Night 1 gave fans a lot to be excited about
  • WrestleMania 39 Night 2 followed it up with major highlights of its own

Here are ten of the best from the two-night spectacular.

WrestleMania Night 1:

The Entire Fatal-4-Way Tag Team Match

WrestleMania 39 Night 1 kicked off with Austin Theory defending the United States Championship versus John Cena, but the second bout of the night certainly pumped up the fans inside SoFi Stadium.

Chad Gable's rolling German suplex into a bridge on Braun Strowman, Angelo Dawkins shoulder blocking Strowman like an NFL linebacker, Strowman leaping off the top rope, Ricochet doing a shooting star Thesz press to the outside and this super-powered Tower of Doom were but some of the big spots.

In the world of pro wrestling, there is simply nothing like the sheer chaos of a Fatal-4-Way tag team match, which showcased all eight performers superbly as it made this match an instant classic.

WrestleMania 39, WWE
Chaos breaks out in the ring during the Fatal-4-Way tag team match at WrestleMania Night 1 on April 1, 2023. WWE

Seth Rollins' Grand Entrance

Having a catchy theme song is a surefire way to get fan support in the world of pro wrestling and few others can contend with Seth Rollins' "Visionary" theme.

It has already been a fan-favorite theme due to the sheer nature of them being participating in Rollins' hype, but for a conductor to come out ahead of the main theme kicking in to prep the 80,497 fans made it even more epic.

Before the match began, it took about 40 seconds for the fans to settle down as they were all in the thick of chanting the melodic tune as Rollins reveled in their adulation.

WrestleMania, and pro wrestling in general, is built on the sheer spectacle of it all and this was a prime example of it.

Trish Stratus' Ageless Athleticism

When it comes to women's pro wrestling icons, few names can compare to that of Trish Stratus as she added another highlight reel-worthy moment under her belt at WrestleMania.

At age 47, the seven-time Women's Champion delivered a Stratusphere (handstand hurricanrana) to Dakota Kai onto Bayley and Iyo Sky with the assist from teammates Becky Lynch and fellow WWE legend Lita.

Charlotte Flair's Gnarly Landings

There is no denying that Charlotte Flair is one of the best performers on WWE's roster, but two spots during her SmackDown Women's Championship match against Rhea Ripley had fans oohing and aahing out of concern.

The first was an avalanche (off the top rope in layman's terms) release German suplex that had Flair flipping through the air, just barely having enough time to protect herself upon landing.

The second release German suplex was the hardest she took as she found herself face-first into the mat after underrotating which resulted in her having a cut on the bridge of her nose.

Though Flair was able to finish the match, these two instances proved once again that pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line every single time they step into the squared circle.

Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, WWE
The moment where Charlotte Flair suffered a cut on the bridge of her nose against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39 Night 1 on April 1, 2023. WWE

'You Chose This, Uce'

Such were the words of Sami Zayn to The Bloodline's Jey Uso before delivering the second Helluva Kick en route to a third which ended The Usos' 622 and 312-day reigns with the SmackDown and Raw tag team titles respectively.

Not much else to say other than Zayn, Kevin Owens and twins Jimmy and Jey Uso showcasing the best of pro wrestling in the first-ever tag team main event bout at WrestleMania–also the first WrestleMania main event involvement for all performers aside from Owens.

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, WWE
Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens hug it out after beating The Usos for the SmackDown and Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 39 Night 1 on April 1, 2023. WWE

Honorable Mentions:

Rey Mysterio, WWE
Rey Mysterio enters SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California in a lowrider driven by Snoop Dogg ahead of his match with Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 39 Night 1 on April 1, 2023. WWE

WrestleMania Night 2:

Brock Lesnar Showcases Old-Man Strength

For Brock Lesnar to pull off the F5 at age 45 against a 7-foot-3, 403-pound man in the form of Omos, speaks volumes of how strong he still is.

Little else needs to be said about Lesnar at this point and it is certainly a moment worth rewatching.

A Hoss Match To End All Hoss Matches

As soon as it was announced that Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were challenging for Gunther's Intercontinental Championship, fans knew what to expect and the three men delivered what a mid-WrestleMania match is supposed to be.

Fans were on their feet throughout the bout as Gunther landed thunderous chops to Sheamus' chest, while Sheamus and McIntyre joined forces to punish Gunther,

McIntyre was on the receiving end of 26 ringing chops from Sheamus, and then McIntyre returned the favor by landing an over-the-top-rope plancha onto Sheamus.

Asuka Misses Mist

A revamped Asuka proved to be the biggest challenge for the uber-athletic specimen that is Bianca Belair and she showcased it at the right time.

Asuka wanted to swing the momentum completely in her favor by spitting blue mist into the face of the champion, though Belair ducked it at the right time which allowed her to negate Asuka's most utilized weapon.

Belair would go on to defend the title in a match that further cemented her spot atop the marquee.

Finn Balor Brings Back Iconic Theme

Much like Night 1's Seth Rollins, iconic theme songs are truly the name of the game in the pro wrestling world and WWE management followed through on the "Demon King" persona of Finn Balor for the big show.

As soon as the heartbeat-like sound effects for "Catch Your Breath" played, fans inside SoFi Stadium exploded in adulation as it brought back memories of Balor during his NXT days.

Though Edge would go on to win their Hell in a Cell match, the presentation makes up half of a performer's appeal to the fans and Balor's "Catch Your Breath" is as memorable as they come.

Roman Reigns Finishes The Story

Cody Rhodes' first-ever WrestleMania main event was supposed to be his crowning achievement and accomplish the one thing that eluded his illustrious family—a run with the WWE Championship.

"The American Nightmare" was close to pulling off the improbable win to send the fans home happy, but there is a reason why Roman Reigns remains the undisputed WWE Universal Champion after WrestleMania Night 2.

This does bring up two questions: What or who is next for Cody Rhodes after a strong buildup and is WWE truly sticking to its guns with the long-term storyline of The Bloodline where the group's true story is that of Jey Uso dethroning Reigns?

Such questions have no answer just yet in the immediate fallout of WrestleMania 39, but one thing remains true: WWE will need to convince fans to remain high on Reigns as the face of the company.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Natalya's Double Sharpshooter
  • Roman Reigns' Epic Entrance
Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, WWE
Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WrestleMania 39 opponent Cody Rhodes. WWE