It has been quite some time since Sheamus,also known as Stephen Farrelly, saw action in the WWE ring and his absence has since raised several questions on whether he is retired or not. He was recently in the Philippines to help promote the WWE Smackdown Live event in Manila this September and gave some interesting updates on his future.

One question thrown at the Irish wrestler and actor was on whether he has indeed retired or not. The 41-year-old initially coyed the media into believing that he was not retired before eventually revealing the real score on his WWE tenure.

"I don't know what the story is in my future. I have no idea, I honestly don't. I just know that I like have some time off but I do miss being in the ring," said the former WWE champion. A video of that segment can be watched below.

Other than his current status, Sheamus was also asked on who he would want to face next. The Irishman mentioned just one name -- Brock Lesnar -- which drew cheers from everyone in attendance.

As far as titles won, Sheamus is one title short of being a grand slam WWE champion. He has yet to become an Intercontinental champion. Given the chance to return to the ring, the former WWE King of the Ring winner said that he would immediately take aim at it.

"If I get back to the ring, that would be the first thing I would go after. As of now I am still listed as a SmackDown superstar and the title is on SmackDown. But as of now, I have no access to the title but its definitely the one I want," said the WWE superstar who likened it to the last Infinity stone to complete his storied wrestling career.

There were other questions thrown at Sheamus, including his plans after his wrestling career. And like most, the four-time champion revealed he would like get into acting and follow the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Cena and Dave Batista.

"I like to act. The Rock, well he is okay. Definitely not as buff as me," he said in jest that sent the crowd into laughter. "John's (Cena) got that hairdo and of course there is big Dave Batista. But I do love acting and that surely will be next for me," he added.

Finally, he revealed his bet on who will win the 2019 WWE King of the Ring tournament which kicks off on August 19 at Monday Night Raw. It will be the first King of the Ring event since 2015 with the finals taking place at the 2019 Clash of Champions.

"King of Swing baby!" said Sheamus, referring to his former tag team partner Cesaro.

Sheamus WWE
Sheamus has held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship since Survivor Series. Getty