• Jerry "The King" Lawler has caused an uproar on social media regarding his recent comments on Raw
  • Fans have accused him of being insensitive and a racist
  • Others have defended Lawler by saying people are just easily offended

The job of the WWE commentator calling the matches is pivotal in the final output of the wrestling show. Jerry "The King" Lawler has been the voice behind the mic for decades and is currently under fire with his recent remarks on Raw. He’s being criticized for his racially insensitive comments regarding Japanese wrestler Akira Tozawa.

It happened during a match between Tozawa and Austin Theory. In one of the peak moments of their matchup, the Japanese superstar leaped for a senton on ringside as he took out Theory. Lawler described the move as the “Ramen Noodle Moonsault” that has sparked outrage from fans online about his comment.

Fans questioned Lawler and called him out for the racist remark. Memes and jokes spurred portraying Lawler as someone who stepped beyond the line.

Some have brought up that this has been a consistent behavior from the former WWE superstar. One Twitter user pointed out that Lawler has also made tactless remarks about the stable Street Profits.

This isn’t the first time Lawler has said something that irked the public as several Twitter users have compiled some of his questionable commentating.

While the uproar against his comments has been immense, there are a lot of users in social media who beg to differ.

Those defending Lawler have referenced the attitude era, saying his remarks wouldn’t be a big deal if he said it in the 90s.

Lawler’s persona as a commentator has been known to say crass and ridiculous lines especially during the time before the PG era.

Wrestling figure Jim Cornette shared his piece online by saying how people are easily offended. He adds that the reason why modern wrestling has been subpar is because of how the fans are now.

“How do these people go out in public without breaking out in tears,” he tweeted.

Despite the mixed reactions that have caused a buzz online, Lawler hasn’t made a comment as of this writing. Lawler has been active on Twitter in the past few hours but has yet to address the accusations of him being racist and insensitive.

The WWE logo hangs on a wall at a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square in New York City, March 18, 2003. Mark Mainz/Getty Images