A Reddit user caused an Internet uproar on Monday when he leaked the outcomes of 38 World Wrestling Entertainment matches before the pay-per-view events had even aired.

The user, who goes by the Reddit alias Dolphins1925, alleges that he received the advance information on WWE match outcomes from a source within the wrestling company itself, the Telegraph reports. According to Dolphins1925, the WWE source is leaking the match results in order to point out the company’s inability to keep its storylines under wraps.

The controversy began last Februry, when the wrestling-themed Reddit subthread “r/SquaredCircle” began a “prediction series,” asking users to correctly forecast the winner of each match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event, Deadspin reports. At the time, Dolphins1925 hinted about his alleged knowledge of leaked match outcomes, writing, “I will win this guaranteed. I know all the winners.” Sure enough, the Reddit user correctly predicted the winner of each of the event’s matches.

Over the next few months, Dolphins1925 maintained a perfect record in terms of WWE match predications, compiling a blemish-free 38 out of 38 record, the Telegraph reports. Despite his success, Dolphins1925 maintains that he is not a WWE employee.

“I am just a WWE fan like everyone else, and I am getting my information from a source who has VERY credible inside information regarding the outcomes (wins/losses) of the matches themselves,” Dolphins1925 wrote. “Given that this information is out there, we both feel that I should continue to share this information until it garners the attention of WWE.”

Dolphins1925 also chastised the WWE for neglecting to take “reasonable measures” to match outcome spoilers, the Telegraph reports. "These people whom are leaking this information are profiting off it at the expense of the WWE, the fans and the integrity of the product," he continued. "I am hoping that spreading the word will get WWE's attention. I am hoping that it will put a stop to spoilers from being leaked.”

Despite Dolphins1925’s efforts, the WWE has yet to directly address the possibility of a rogue employee leaking match outcomes. “We may have a modern-day Nostradamus on our hands,” the WWE said in a statement. “We might have to monitor these posts in advance of our next pay-per-view to see how good he or she really is.”