• CM Punk returns to WWE TV but not necessarily with WWE
  • WWE COO Triple H on CM Punk return: "Never say never"
  • Both Punk and AJ Lee found success outside the WWE

CM Punk (real name: Phil Brooks) is arguably the single most controversial wrestler of the past decade. After his iconic pipebomb promo in 2011, the wrestling world was buzzing and making rounds in the mainstream.

Unfortunately, that did not last long and his frustrations led him to leave the WWE in 2014. However, before the decade ended the former world champion made his way back onto WWE TV through a deal with FOX. CM Punk now appears as a guest on WWE Backstage, a show which is produced by FOX, thus he is not employed by the WWE.

This return has prompted fans to chant even harder for the Chicago native’s in-ring return. Still, there is no sign on that happening soon. The fallout between CM Punk and WWE was a messy affair. But, there may be a sign of hope for a return yet.

WWE COO Triple H (real name: Paul Levesque) said he is open to Punk and his wife, former WWE star AJ Lee (real name: April Mendez), to return.

Triple H said the following to, ‘In a perfect world? Yeah, sure. Again, you’ve heard Vince echo that sentiment so many times of the years, never say never!’

This echoes the sentiment of another WWE Executive Stephanie McMahon who would love for Punk and Lee to return. In fact, she was particular with the AJ Lee Return as it would be great for the women’s revolution the company is championing. As good as all that sounds nothing is certain right now.

Fans will remember that after Punk walked out on the WWE in early 2014, he was sent his release papers on the day of his wedding to Lee. In their time away from the sports entertainment giant both AJ Lee and CM Punk made great strides in other endeavors.

CM Punk had two main event fights in the UFC, unfortunately, he lost both. He also made way to becoming an MMA commentator. Plus, he just starred in an independent horror film that is getting positive reviews. AJ Lee, on the other hand, published a best-selling book called “Crazy is My Superpower” which is currently being optioned in Los Angeles.

As unlikely as it seems right now, a CM Punk and AJ Lee return seems more likely now than before. Should they return it will not be the first time WWE was able to bury the hatchet with a controversial superstar.

CM Punk
CM Punk's WWE Championship reign was the longest in three decades. Getty