• Ex-WWE superstar Mojo Rawley shares his battle with COVID-19 on social media
  • Rawley says he is not yet done in professional wrestling
  • His run in WWE is best remembered for his multiple reigns as the 24/7 Champion

There have been several pro-wrestling personalities who have been missing in action, one of them is Mojo Rawley.

The seven-time 24/7 Champion shed more light on why he has been under the radar, revealing that he had endured a long battle with COVID-19.

It was a harrowing experience for the 35-year-old wrestler who needed hospitalization and made him wonder if his life would soon be over.

Rawley, known in real life as Dean Jonathan Muhtadi, posted a video on Instagram on Monday, January 31 to provide an update to his followers.

Although he is not entirely back to 100% shape, he feels that it would be a great way to inform his fans that he is planning to return to the wrestling ring.

“To everyone that knew about this beforehand, thank you for your discretion and allowing me to announce on my terms. It has been an extremely up and down 19 months. There’ve been days I’ve felt normal, there have been days I couldn’t breathe. The only constant has always been that I stay hyped. Not 100% yet but close enough to announce: I am coming back,” Muhtadi’s Instagram post read.

Rawley was released from WWE in April 2021 and has not wrestled since June 2020.

His last piece of wrestling action was during the June 19, 2020 episode of WWE SmackDown where he lost to Chad Gable--who was then known as "Shorty G."

Aside from being a multiple-time 24/7 Champion, Rawley is also best remembered as the man who won the 2017 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Rawley has been busy with other things. One of them is serving as a co-host to TMZ Sports, a deal he announced in October 2021.

Aside from that, the former football player has been engaging in some acting work and even co-founded a talent agency.

A timetable on when Rawley would be ready to compete in the wrestling ring was not mentioned, the same as to where he could be potentially be performing next.

Mojo Rawley
Mojo Rawley Getty Images | Marc Pfitzenreuter