• NXT is one of the more popular shows in the WWE company
  • NXT was perceived as a minor league compared to Raw and SmackDown
  • NXT star Johnny Gargano goes off about people using the term 'Main Roster'

NXT is argued as one of the more popular brands in the wrestling industry. While it started as the developmental stage prior to jumping to Raw or SmackDown, it has already expanded into a fan favorite in the WWE. The flexibility of NXT allows the performers to not cater to the wider demographic that Raw and SmackDown have to consider.

NXT features top talents from across the world as they cut promos and work matches much like how everyone else in the company does. While Raw and SmackDown are the better-known shows in the wrestling industry, NXT doesn’t fall behind in terms of popularity. The reach may not be as wide as other brands but the fan base of NXT is able to connect to the show.

This is one of the reasons why NXT star Johnny Gargano went off regarding the phrase ‘Main Roster’. It’s a common trend to see wrestlers jump from the NXT brand into Raw or SmackDown. It is perceived as a call-up to the higher ranks as if to say the wrestler was promoted. Several champions of the Raw and SmackDown brand have gone through a similar path. Notable members include Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamura, Charlotte Flair and other elite wrestlers of the company.

Per TMZ Sports by way of Ringside News, Gargano didn’t hold back on what he thinks of the concept of transferring brands as a promotion and perceiving NXT as a minor league. “That’s BS. That’s BS. It’s complete garbage. It’s something that myself and a lot of guys have worked to dispel for a very, very long time,” he said.

“So, anyone out there that uses the words ‘main roster’ when talking about RAW and SmackDown, how about you watch the show on Wednesday night? You’ll see the real main roster. You’ll see the best wrestling show on the planet. You will see the best locker room on the planet led by me.”

He continues his tirade and says that anyone who persists on using the phrase is “stupid”.

The WWE logo hangs on a wall at a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square in New York City, March 18, 2003. Mark Mainz/Getty Images