• Bray Wyatt's latest hints could  see him debut on either WWE Smackdown or AEW Rampage
  • His 90-day non-compete clause will expire on October 29, just in time for either show
  • AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes recently spoke about his admiration for Wyatt.

Former WWE star Bray Wyatt (real name Rotunda Windham) sent social media into a frenzy after dropping two hints pointing towards an in-ring return very soon.

“It makes me happy to see my brother do something that makes him happy. He inspires me to create. And create I shall,” said Wyatt in his first tweet, linking to an interview involving his real-life brother Taylor Rotunda (Bo Dallas in WWE).

His second tweet is what kicked the rumor mill back into high gear after he tweeted out the message “2 more days."

Prior to these two tweets, Wyatt tweeted a picture of him from WrestleMania 37, calling his fans “baby birds” and used the hashtag “#KultOfWindham” back on October 15, leading many to believe that would be his new faction's name.

As noted by Sportskeeda, Wyatt’s 90-day non-compete clause will expire on Friday, October 29, allowing him to go wherever he pleases after being released on July 31.

Following the clues left by Wyatt, there is a definite 50-50 chance between returning to WWE and joining AEW.

The argument for a WWE return is mainly because of the WrestleMania photo and the fact that he is yet to drop the pro wrestling promotion's initials from his social media handle.

However, there is reason to believe that it could also lead to AEW.

In late August, Twitter user “No Filter” noticed that the then-debuting CM Punk had written the letters “AC” and “BW” on his shoes in his first appearances with AEW.

The first was a hint that Adam Cole would be on his way to AEW a few weeks later, leading to a triumphant debut at All Out and the “BW” could now stand for Bray Wyatt.

AEW executive vice president and occasional on-screen talent Cody Rhodes recently complimented Wyatt’s accomplishments thus far, especially his in-ring work and superb gimmick in an interview with Cinema Blend.

“There's a side of him that is equally as entertaining that isn't cartoony. And I think, moving forward, and into whatever company he goes to or wherever we see him or if we cross paths down the road,” Rhodes mentioned.

The “two days” tweet is the most telling yet equally confusing of them all since WWE Smackdown and AEW Rampage both air on Fridays, meaning he could debut on either show.

As fans wait with bated breath regarding his future, expect more rumors and insider reports to come out between now and Friday.