Reigning WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is waiting in the wings although some are speculating of seeing him make a surprise appearance at WWE TLC at the SAP Center in San Jose, California on Dec. 16. With time to spare, some are also entertaining the possibility of seeing him on the UFC although President Dana White doesn't see it happening.

During a recent press conference, White was thrown a question on possibly bringing back Lesnar to the UFC. The 49-year-old UFC boss said that his focus is not on Brock and that the 41-year-old is swamped with a bunch of WWE deals, Ringside News first reported.

White, however, added that should he choose, he could give Lesnar a call. An apparent target is Daniel Cormier, someone who is currently on the mend. Once D.C. gets better, the UFC president said that he could give Lesnar a call — assuming he does have the time. So it all depends on how "busy" Lesnar is with the WWE.

A potential Cormier vs. Lesnar showdown cropped up after UFC 226. Cormier had just won the UFC heavyweight title when "The Beast" suddenly entered the Octagon and created a scene, Cageside Seats pointed out. That led to White saying that Daniel Cormier vs. Brock Lesnar was a fight to make — one of the reasons why he is hounded by the question during pressers.

But all this was before WWE founder Vince McMahon had reportedly dangled Lesnar with a monetary offer he could not resist, a secret deal that came following Roman Reigns’ shocking revelation of battling Leukemia. With Reigns relinquishing the title, it came as no surprise that Lesnar won the Universal title at WWE Crown Jewel.

With Reigns out, the WWE now seems to be building on Braun Strowman to battle Lesnar. The Monster Among Men is scheduled to see action at WWE TLC, facing Baron Corbin. A win by Strowman will line him up for a potential title clash with Lesnar at the WWE Royal Rumble.

Lesnar is not scheduled for any card at WWE TLC, but this does not mean he will not be there. Especially if Strowman wins, there is a possibility that the 41-year-old may come out and do something, Fox Sports Asia reported. It could be a harmless staredown or even a vicious attack — something that only comes natural on the WWE to add some color to the shows.

Beyond that, it will be anyone's guess on what else the WWE has planned for Lesnar. Even if a Lesnar-Strowman showdown happens, Brock could end up with the title in what may turn out to be another long rivalry between the two behemoths.