• Brock Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble match may be the setup for Roman Reigns becoming a double champion
  • Lesnar dropped the WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley after Reigns' interference
  • Having Reigns hold both the WWE Championship and Universal Title has merit in the long-term

The reception to Brock Lesnar winning the men’s Royal Rumble match has been lukewarm at best, but it may actually be the setup for a more intriguing storyline at WrestleMania 38.

In the penultimate match of the entire event, Lesnar dropped the WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley after interference from Universal Champion Roman Reigns and fans began speculating on social media that "The Beast Incarnate" would be the last entrant in the 30-man match.

Speculation would turn into reality as Lesnar did enter the men’s Royal Rumble match at No. 30 and it was a foregone conclusion that he would win the match, booking him in another main event spot at WrestleMania.

Common knowledge would suggest that Lesnar will be going after Reigns’ Universal Title at the “Show of Shows” as payback for costing him the WWE Championship.

Facing Lashley in a rematch at WrestleMania would not be all that bad either, but fans might not be as interested in the pair facing off against each other again as the likelihood of Lesnar winning the title would almost certainly be the ending of their match.

However, a performer of Lesnar’s caliber would not be gunning for just one title.

Lesnar has a bone to pick with both men and he just might be the first Royal Rumble winner to break convention and go after both titles at WrestleMania.

Based on last year’s event, the winner of the women’s Royal Rumble match would challenge for one of the two women’s titles on Night 1, while the winner of the men’s event headlined Night 2.

A titanic clash featuring Lashley, Reigns and Lesnar to cap off WrestleMania 38 is also the ideal situation to place both belts on "The Tribal Chief."

Hypothetically, the match would play out similar to that of past Triple Threat matches where the two competitors take out the bigger threat in order to make it a straight-up one-on-one matchup.

The bigger threat would make his presence felt in the latter stages of the match after recovering from the beatdown laid upon him by the pair and seemingly swing the momentum in his favor.

But this is where Reigns comes in.

Almost two years into his "Tribal Chief" gimmick, Reigns will surely have The Usos run interference at some point in the match that ultimately leads to his crowning as a double champion, most likely pinning Lesnar in order to preserve the credibility that Lashley built for himself throughout the match.

In long-term storytelling, whoever knocks off Reigns in the future will get the biggest rub in WWE and have the distinction of being a double champion himself while also having a career moment in cleanly pinning the uber-heel in "The Big Dog."

At this point, no one can say for certain whether this is the storyline that WWE will go with moving forward as things can change on a dime within Vince McMahon’s company.

But if WWE wants to maintain fan interest throughout the year, this storyline might be the solution.