• Bobby Lashley is rumored to be turning babyface
  • Hints were dropped towards the move on the most recent episode of Raw
  • Lashley's babyface run will be monitored closely by the fans moving forward 

Bobby Lashley’s on-screen character is set to make an about-face and turn into a good guy as he heads into the January 1 PPV WWE Day 1 if the signs are to be believed.

Renowned pro wrestling insider Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio noticed that WWE had been hinting towards turning Lashley face by the Day 1 event, away from his heelish tendencies during his current run.

“If you watch the show you certainly get the impression that Bobby Lashley is going babyface. They played a total babyface video package for him at the pay-per-view, yeah. So, I mean it’s been feeling like that’s been in the cards and then he has to beat three guys to get in [to the Day 1 WWE Title match], I mean that’s a total babyface move,” Meltzer said as quoted by Ringside News.

Lashley has been hovering around the WWE title picture as of late and secured a spot in the WWE title match at Day 1, going up against Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and WWE Champion Big E after defeating all three men in a fatal 4-way match last week.

On the most recent episode of Raw, Big E and Lashley were put in a tag team match against their Day 1 opponents after Owens and Rollins jumped both men during their opening segment.

The two babyfaces were able to pull out the victory, despite Lashley accidentally hitting the champion with a spear towards the end of the match.

Owens and Rollins then proceeded to beat down their opponents after the match, and it further hinted at Lashley’s impending babyface turn.

“The All Mighty” is no secret to playing a babyface role in WWE, especially in his first stint, but it will be certainly interesting how they handle Lashley’s babyface run this time around.

Fan consensus on Lashley’s impending turn is still up in the air, but there is sufficient enough reason to worry that they will mess it up.

Lashley’s best character work is in being an uber-dominant heel who consistently pounds his opponents before finishing the match with the Hurt Lock, but he does have a shot at becoming one of the top babyfaces on Raw.

With WWE Day 1 happening on January 1st, the company will have one more episode of Raw to convince fans that he can pull off having babyface storylines after the event.