As promised, Brock Lesnar was around at WWE Super Showdown at the King Abdullah Sports City's King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia although he did not leave with the WWE Universal title around his waist.

With odds seemingly in his favor seeing how current champion Seth Rollins was exhausted fighting off Baron Corbin, Paul Heyman made a noticeable blunder when he dropped the Money in the Bank briefcase that distracted the Beast Incarnate.

Even before the WWE event got started, things were not looking good for Rollins. He came into his match against Corbin with taped ribs although the Kingslayer was still able to roll up the Lone Wolf to retain his Universal title, reported. An irate Corbin would execute his finisher on Rollins, more damage that seemed to work in the favor of Lesnar who was expected to cash in.

However, a clumsy Paul Heyman dropped the MOTB suitcase and distracted Lesnar. It was all the opening Rollins needed, eventually landing a low blow and attacking the Beast with chair shots that Lesnar had brought into the ring, Cageside Seats reported. And while the good news is that Lesnar can still cash in moving forward, the whole clumsiness angle raises some questions - possible scripts that the WWE storytellers may want to consider.

Lesnar and Heyman have partnered for quite a while now although there are some who wonder how long this will last. Until that inadvertent WWE MOTB suitcase drop, Heyman seemed too perfect as a character. With Lesnar not exactly getting approval from the fans since he is irregularly seen and portrayed as invincible, would a storyline involving the two make sense?

One can just imagine how that would go. Right now, Lesnar has all the reason in the world to be furious at Heyman for that blunder. And while both seemed composed leaving the King Abdullah International Stadium, upcoming shows or scripts could flip the script. A possible sign of seeing that is if Lesnar suddenly goes off on the 53-year-old entertainer/ producer.

In 2018, WWE made it look like things were over between Lesnar and Heyman. It turned out to be nothing more than a ruse that involved former WWE champion Roman Reigns. It was all part of the script for SummerSlam 2018 tied up to the Universal championship.

Could this be deja vu or for real this time around? Either way, reigning WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins needs to be on his guard at all times, especially if Heyman starts being nice to him.