One WWE superstar who was conspicuously absent during the last episode of SmackDown was Sheamus. One half of the tag team The Bar was nowhere to be found, and it turns out that the Celtic Warrior has been sidelined due to a concussion.

This explains why his partner, Cesaro, end up teaming with Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev. The trio took on the New Day composed of WWE SmackDown heavyweight champion Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and honorary member Kevin Owens. Ironically, Big E is also out due to an injury.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Sheamus acquired the injury during the April 9 show of SmackDown Live. It happened during a six-man tag team match where the Irish wrestler teamed up with Cesaro and Drew McIntyre against the New Day. It was also the same match where Big E suffered a torn meniscus.

There was no mention of how long the Celtic Warrior would be out of commission. Equally interesting is where Sheamus (and Cesaro) will end up or if The Bar will continue its run.

Seeing as how Cesaro remained in action on WWE SmackDown, the belief is that both may stay on the blue brand. The scenario will change, however, in the event The Bar is broken up. Should that happen, there is a chance that Sheamus could suddenly appear on Raw and likely embark on singles competition.

As most know, the WWE Superstar shakeup saw several big names moving from one show to the other. Sheamus, one of the successful talents the promotion has had, can easily get a push if WWE scriptwriters wanted it. Hence, his future will depend largely on need as WWE balances its talent pool for both shows.

Should Sheamus go solo, it also raises questions on what lies ahead for Cesaro. Since starting out as rivals, both have found a way to work together and become one of the dangerous tag teams the WWE has ever had.

Incidentally, one possibility as well is to have both Cesaro and Sheamus go at each other. Breaking up tag teams is nothing new so rekindling an old flame could be a great sendoff for both WWE stars. It could be a missing piece in the equation before the two go on singles competition, regardless of whether they will be on RAW or SmackDown.