All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) emergence in the professional wrestling scene has not gone unnoticed and the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) does consider them serious competitors after dominating the scene for almost two decades.

AEW in a short span of time has managed to attract some top wrestling stars including WWE legend Chris Jericho and other former superstars like Cody Rhodes, who has taken on a vice-president role with the company. They are backed by Pakistani American billionaire Shahid Khan and son Tony Khan and are willing to hand out well-paying contracts, which only WWE was capable of until now.

This has given professional wrestlers an option while considering career choices and also gives them an advantage on the negotiating table. AEW is looking to establish themselves as one of the best promotions and is looking to attract WWE stars who are nearing the end of their contracts or those who do not have a significant role at the moment.

Paul Levesque, popularly known by his ring name Triple H, is the vice-president of talent, live events and creative for WWE and he admitted recently the company is very aware of the waves AEW is creating in a short space of time. He admitted they are keeping an eye on their rival promotion, but will not make decisions based on their actions. He made it clear WWE will continue to do what is right for their business.

"[AEW is] clearly something that we'll keep an eye on and clearly something that - they're out there doing their business. But we'll do what's right for our business—what's right for WWE,” Triple H said during a recent conference call, as quoted on Forbes.

WWE has felt the ripple effect of AEW in recent months with a number of stars looking at the rival promotion as an option if WWE does not improve their status or offer better deals. There are reports claiming Vince McMahon has ordered improved deals to all stars, with even double-your-money offers being given out to those ready to sign on the spot.

Apart from the inflated contract offers, they are also looking at giving the tag team division a push knowing that AEW will be targeting that segment with Rhodes and the Young Bucks at the helm. The likes of Revival are getting more television time after they supposedly asked to be released from their contracts.

Jericho, who signed with AEW, revealed an NFL-style offer from the new promotion, which has supposedly seen the undercard wrestlers in WWE seek a potential move in order to earn more and possibly have a more prominent role. The former WWE star also seemed to send a warning to his former company that they are targeting a few athletes, but are not dependent on them to survive, via a tweet that has now been deleted.

Meanwhile, according to PWTorch, WWE are set to lose yet another top superstar after former Shield member Dean Ambrose informed the management that he wants to leave the promotion when his contract expires in April after WrestleMania.

He reportedly held a personal meeting with chairman McMahon and informed him of his decision to leave despite being offered a new deal with improved terms. He is said to be disillusioned with the direction his character is moving.