Wrestlemania 35 will happen in two months, and one WWE personality usually present for the annual spectacle is The Undertaker. Unfortunately, the coming pay-per-view will not have the Dead Man over at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the Undertaker is not booked for Wrestlemania 35. The Dead Man last donned his trunks at WWE Crown Jewel held in Saudi Arabia where he teamed up with Kane as both went up against Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

With no Undertaker present at Wrestlemania 35, critics have now made speculations about what lies ahead for the Dead Man. But according to Jon Fisher of “Oh, You Didn’t Know,” it seems that the 53-year-old is just taking a year off and is not yet ready to hang his wrestling tights.

This update on the Undertaker is expected to draw both positive and negative vibes. For one, the performance of the Dead Man has drawn criticism. While he does have the same star power that keeps WWE fans glued, it remains that the physical wear and tear of competing in the ring has taken its toll on his body.

As for Wrestlemania 35, it remains to be seen if the Dead Man will be entirely out of the event. One plausible segment would have been to see the Undertaker at the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Originally included in an email sent out by the WWE Network, it turns out that his name was included by accident.

The Undertaker will eventually be a WWE Hall of Famer, only that it will not be happening this year.

As things stand now, there is still a chance that the Undertaker may be at Wrestlemania 35 but at a spectator capacity only. If not there to simply watch, he could grace the functions at some point. His patented WWE theme entrance could also be played, teasing fans that the Dead Man is still around lurking.

As for his return to the WWE ring, nothing is certain. It could happen at some future WWE pay-per-views, the actual show of which depends on the scriptwriters and the WWE top brass.