World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Finn Balor has made a huge announcement on his return to the in-ring action for the first time since this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view. 

According to the latest episode of WWE NXT, the former WWE Universal Champion sent out a message to the Full Sail University and the WWE University that he has done some reflection while being away from the in-ring competitions. 

The former NXT champion also added that he has decided to retrace his steps and the next week, his future will be his past. The message has been understood as his potential return to in-ring. However, the WWE owners have not confirmed his schedule for the coming week. 

The last time Balor was seen in action in WWE was at the SummerSlam 2019, where he lost a one-sided match to "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. Moreover, as a build-up to the fight at the biggest party of the summer, the latter had assaulted Balor for weeks.

After his loss to Wyatt in August, Balor went on a break from WWE for nearly two months. He then made a shocking return to TV on Oct. 2 episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network, where he challenged the current brand champion Adam Cole following the latter's successful title defense against Matt Riddle.

Balor, who once was a part of Japan's pro-wrestling, is a one-time NXT Champion and he also holds the record for the longest reign in the title's history at 292 days (although WWE recognizes it at 293). In a very short span of time since his WWE debut, Balor went on to win quite a few titles. 

In fact, Balor became the first wrestler in WWE history to win a world title in his pay-per-view debut and which is why his crushing loss at this year's SummerSlam did not go well with him.

However, his recent appearance at the WWE NXT episode has given hopes to his huge fan following that the former NXT champion could be challenging for the title once again in the coming future. However, it is understood that with Tommaso Ciampa aiming for the NXT Championship, the Irish wrestler, Balor, might have to fight his way to have a shot at the title.