• Reports indicate that Kevin Owens contract was restructured and is now expiring in January 2022
  • A Twitter user was able to capture a now-deleted tweet from Owens that hints at a move to AEW
  • WWE is currently rebuilding its programming, and it could lead to more releases of talent

WWE are on the verge of losing another talented superstar as former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens’ contract is reportedly set to expire in January of next year.

“We’ve learned from a WWE official that WWE restructured several contracts ahead of the pandemic, and for whatever reason, Kevin Owens’ deal was changed to expire in January 2022," said Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful via

"We were not told of any additional terms of the deal or specifically why it was shortened. We’ll work to find out if any other deals were adjusted.” 

In an interview with TVA Sports in 2018, Owens said that he had signed a five-year deal with the WWE, ensuring that he stays with the promotion into 2023.

“Hopefully, I do not see why I will not finish my career with WWE. I just recently signed a new five-year contract with them,” said Owens. “I do not intend to go anywhere when my contract ends. If the WWE wants to continue, if I want to continue and my family is ready for me to continue, I do not see why it would not happen.”

It now appears that Owens' departure is on the horizon as Twitter user Fiending For Followers was able to screencap a now-deleted tweet from Owens where he posted a set of coordinates.

The Twitter user was able to decipher the coordinates and found out that it was pinpointing the location of Mount Rushmore.

“Mount Rushmore is the name of a group Owens was in with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole in [PWG],” said the Twitter user.

Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan in WWE) made a successful debut with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) this past Sunday at AEW All Out, and Owens may have hinted that he is planning on joining them very soon.

AEW has become a safe haven of sorts for former WWE superstars, and fans alike after announcing the arrival of Cole, Danielson, Danielson and many others.

With WWE restructuring its roster and reportedly taking control of NXT away from COO Paul Levesque (Triple H on WWE programming), many believe that the company is making moves as a reaction to AEW’s burgeoning success. 

Whatever the case may be, losing someone with the caliber of Owens does not bode well for other NXT mainstays and WWE superstars.