• Batista and Booker T once had a real fight behind the camera
  • Booker has claimed he beat Batista good during the said fight
  • A WWE and WCW legend revealed that Batista won the fight and Booker had a swollen eye after

The truth about Batista and Booker T’s real-life fight has been revealed.

Some fans may not know that aside from sharing the squared circle during their WWE days, Batista and Booker T actually had a real fight during one of the company’s event in California.

Talksport recently revealed what really went down on the said fight and also a detailed flashback of how it all started. Apparently, the Batista vs. Booker T beef started when Melina, who now wrestles in NWA, allegedly had an affair with Batista.

At the time, Melina was in a relationship with John Morrison but was quite openly also involved with “The Animal.” According to Booker, Morrison was upset but also didn’t know what to do about it.

The issue worsened and the WWE decided to take Melina to wrestler’s court over the matter. She was found guilty by her peers, but when the crew returned stateside, Batista was reportedly not happy at all.

Reports claim that during the trial, Booker was on the prosecution team with JBL, something Batista evidently didn’t appreciate. At the same period of time, Batista was at the peak of his WWE career but also was getting a reputation in the SmackDown locker room as somebody who had become arrogant and didn’t respect the business and his peers.

Booker certainly felt the same way about Batista and when WWE talent congregated at a California mansion to record an advert for SummerSlam, the Batista-Booker T fight finally broke out.

The 55-year-old recalled telling Batista at the shoot: “’Hey man, let’s just get this out in the open. I really don’t like you, you really don’t like me, but we gotta work together! It’s our jobs! We gotta go out and perform together’.”

Things got heated between the two and it was said that Rey Mysterio tried to play peacemaker, but to no avial. Booker called Batista out in front of all the people in attendance and when the two went face-to-face , Batista addressed the issue and had a few words with Booker.

“What’s your problem with me, man? Do you find me a challenge because I’m a top draw on the card and have done more in the last couple of years than you have in your entire career? Are you jealous?,” Batista told Booker.

Booker then claimed that he “put a good beating on Batista.” Since then, it has been widely reported that Booker won the fight convincingly.

However, WWE and WCW legend Finlay tells a different story. According to him, Batista beat Booker T hard that he even got a “swollen eye” after the fight.

“I don’t know what started it but they were rolling on the floor. They will say that Booker T got to Dave, but that’s not how it was. Dave was on top of Booker T, you know? Booker T had a swollen eye,” Finlay revealed.

Batista WWE is keen to bring Batista back to the promotion in 2019. In this picture, Batista poses in the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia, June 15, 2008. Photo: Gaye Gerard/Getty Images