• John Cena lost to The Fiend at WrestleMania 36
  • It was John Cena's first WWE fight in over a year
  • John Cena's net worth in 2020 is reportedly $75m 

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar John Cena, who returned to the ring after a year, is reportedly one of the highest-paid wrestlers currently in the company.

John Cena, who was not a part of the 2019 roster, ended second on the list of highest-paid WWE wrestlers in 2018 with $8 million behind Brock Lesnar. After not fighting in the following year, his fight against The Fiend Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36 was much-awaited by his fans. Unfortunately, the 16-time champion ended up losing the match to The Fiend in a dramatic style on the second day of the two-day event.

For the first time ever, WrestleMania was held in two nights and due to the coronavirus crisis, it took place with any live audience. During the fight, the screen showed many glimpses of John Cena’s WWE career. Bray Wyatt challenged John Cena to hit him and the WWE Superstar uses all his strength by calling "ruthless aggression" aloud. However, John Cena kept missing Bray Wyatt, who then took a dig by saying, Cena "can only" look and "not touch".

Considered to be one of the greatest superstars in the history of WWE, John Cena is currently signed up with the company on a part-time deal because of his Hollywood commitments. His acting credits include a series of dramas, action-thrillers, and comedies such as "The Wall", "The Marine", "Bumblebee", "Trainwreck", "Daddy’s Home 2", "Fast & Furious 9", and "Dolittle".

WWE over the years has shown how comfortable John Cena is in front of the camera. Hence it was not surprising to watch him host "American Grit", "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader", and more.

As a wrestler, actor, writer, host and someone who does charity work quite often, John Cena has managed to grow his net worth over the years and the merchandising and endorsements have helped him too.

Since 2018, when he earned $8m, John Cena has had massive jumps in his bank accounts and according to WrestlingNewsNow, John Cena has a net worth of $75 million in 2020.