A boy died on a cruise ship at sea in Italy while traveling on the cruise ship MSC Divina and according to crew the reason is unknown and the condition worsened suddenly.

According to cruise news, the 12-year-old boy was from Germany and was on a European cruise with his family at the time of his death.

The young passenger fell ill when the ship was sailing toward Cagliari in southern Sardinia from Palermo on the Sicily coast.

The spokesperson for MSC Cruises, Robin Roothans told USA Today that a midnight request for medical care for the child came on Monday.

“While the staff of our Medical Center reacted promptly, the health status of the child unexpectedly deteriorated,” said Roothans.

She said attempts to resuscitate the child failed and the boy passed away. Per MSC Cruises reviews, medical centers are supervised by a doctor with the backing of medical personnel.

The website also reads: “The Medical Centre is open at the times advertised in the ship’s Daily Programme. Guests who incur medical expenses during their cruise can ask their insurance company for reimbursement once ashore," the site states.

However, MSC Cruises was looking clueless on the cause of the child's death, per reports.

The company person said it will be working with authorities to support any investigation or examination required in the matter.

The spokesperson added that the cruise ship authorities are in touch with the embassy and consulate personnel to assist the repatriation of the child’s body at the earliest.

Chocolate cruise for branding Eurochocolate Festival

Meanwhile, sweet news on cruise deals is here. An eight-day Mediterranean cruise dedicated to chocolates is up for grabs.

The Eurochocolate Cruise aboard the Costa Pacifica will depart from Civitavecchia, Italy, on April 16, 2020, and dock in Genoa, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malta, and Catania.

The Eurochocolate Cruise will mark the collaboration between Italian line Costa Cruises and the Eurochocolate Festival, the world’s largest international event.

The Festival is dedicated to everything on chocolates and includes favorites like chocolate chip cookies.

Carnival cruise ship
Passengers return to the Carnival cruise ship Victory prior to leaving port in Key West, Florida on Feb. 15, 2013. Getty Images

Being hosted in Italy’s Perugia the event has the advantage of placing itself in the most cosmopolitan city on the map of Italy at Umbria.

Similarly, the music-oriented Fyre festival on the Bahamas island of Great Exuma had some leg up to the Bahamas cruise business.

One of the highlights of the Chocolate ship will be an original chocolate sculpture to be made on the spot by a Eurochocolate master. It will carry all signature elements that make Eurochocolate Festival a sought after show among chocolate enthusiasts.