• Grace Victory, 30, was placed in induced coma after developing breathing difficulties
  • Her baby, who was born healthy, wasn’t due until February
  • Doctors were forced to induce labor due to Victory’s worsening health

British YouTuber Grace Victory was placed in a coma Friday with breathing difficulties, a day after she gave birth to a baby boy. The 30-year-old had contracted COVID-19 two weeks ago.

Victory was heavily pregnant with her first child, whom she shares with her boyfriend Lee, when she was tested positive for COVID-19. Victory showed mild symptoms initially, but her condition gradually deteriorated.

The baby wasn’t due until February, but the doctors were forced to induce labor on Dec. 24 in light of Victory’s worsening health.

The family members of the social media star took to her Instagram page Monday to share the news that she had been moved to the intensive care unit with breathing difficulties on Christmas Day. Victory has since been placed in an induced coma.

"Grace was admitted into intensive care on Christmas Day due to issues with her breathing & therefore they had to make the decision of placing her into an Induced Coma to give her body the rest it needs," the post read.

The post said that Victory’s newborn baby is healthy.

"He is incredible. We love him so much," her family members wrote in the post.

The post revealed that Victory currently is in stable condition.

"She's currently stable but please keep her in your thoughts & prayers," the post mentioned. "We Love her so, so much and we know she'll come out of this stronger than ever. She has dedicated her whole career to healing people, we now ask that you pray, to heal her."

The YouTuber was hospitalized for almost two weeks after she fell ill during her third trimester. She later explained in a YouTube video she was "severely dehydrated" and was released from hospital after recovering.

"I was on the verge of having anaemia and I was basically completely and utterly burnt out," she said in a video posted on YouTube earlier this month.

Victory broke the news of her pregnancy through an Instagram post in August.

"Mine and @iamlpw beautiful love has actually created life and we are on cloud 9 (and have been for many months). I am so f------ happy to finally be able to share this with you all - it’s been so hard keeping it a secret," the post read.

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