Funny girl Mindy Kaling will be bringing the laughs to Fox this fall when The Mindy Project premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25. While the show may be a couple months away from starting, we have a first look with the official promotional poster.

For everyone whose life is a work in progress, the poster's tagline exclaims. The ad features a smiling Mindy with a number of resolutions, including: Get organized, be on time, no more late nights, life is not an emergency, and be a better vegetarian.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the comedy is about Kaling's character, an OB/GYN who struggles with her dating life.

Kaling will star alongside former Gossip Girl actress Amanda Setton and Glee's Stephen Tobolowsky. Setton is set to play office manager Shauna Dicanio, a woman who collects unpaid patient bills like she's a bounty hunter. Tobolowsky will play head of the doctor's practice, Dr. Marc Shulman.

Formerly of NBC's The Office, Kaling's new show will be an addition to the already hilarious Tuesday nights on Fox. The Mindy Project will be airing at 9:30 p.m. after Zooey Deschanel's New Girl. The Tuesday night comedy block has garnered the tagline: Laugh Your Fox Off!

Check out the trailer for The Mindy Project below.

Will you be watching Mindy Kaling's new TV. Venture when it premieres?