On Thursday, the ninth and final season of NBC’s “The Office” will premiere, and the cast and crew are making sure they go out with a bang. Can’t wait to find out how the series will end? We’ve compiled a list of “The Office” season nine spoilers.


The Death Of An Original Cast Member

With the series coming to an end, a couple Dunder Mifflin employees are following in Michael Scott’s footsteps and jumping ship. While we already know that Kelly (Mindy Kaling) is leaving, TVGuide.com teases that an original cast member that is not Kelly will be biting the dust in the first few minutes of the premiere. 


So who will it be? B.J. Novak who plays Ryan is said to be leaving the series as well, to help Kaling on her new venture called “The Mindy Project.” Will a proposal from Ryan to Kelly go wrong (think “Fresh Prince”), resulting in his death and forcing Kelly to move away from the bad memories? Will Stanley (Leslie David Barker) have another heart attack? Will Toby (Paul Lieberstein) be shot by police as they discover that he is the mysterious Scranton Strangler? Or will Creed (Creed Bratton) just die of old age? Thankfully, fans will have this question answered at the beginning of the premiere.


Familiar Faces Return

Don’t get too excited yet by news of the return of familiar faces. Steve Carell is not confirmed to return to “The Office” as Michael Scott, even though show runners would love it. Instead, fans will have to settle for the return of David Denman, who early on in the show played Pam’s fiancé, Roy. TVLine.com reports that Roy is set to make his return to the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch in episode two ... and it will be for a happy reason! Executive Producer Greg Daniels revealed that Roy will be getting married. 


Besides Roy’s return, Daniels revealed that a total of 15 "Office" veterans will be returning ... including Andy Buckley, who played former Chief Financial Officer of Dunder Mifflin, David Wallace. Wallace’s return comes with the help of Andy, who convinces him to buy Dunder Mifflin and become the CEO. 

Other possible "Office" vets to return for the final season could be Michael Scott's ex-lover Jan, the former Vice President of North Eastern sales for Dunder Mifflin, Todd Packer, Holly Flax, the ghost of Ed Truck, and Karen. 



What About The Documentary?
It’s easy to forget that “The Office” is actually about a fictional documentary crew following the lives of employees at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pa. As Daniels told reporters, “Basically all questions will be answered.” That means fans will finally find out the deal with the documentary and who is behind it. 


Office Relationships

Pam and Jim are going to face some struggles this season. Nellie will be trying to convince Pam that he is having an affair, while Roy’s wedding will cause the couple to re-evaluate their relationship for “buried secrets.”

Meanwhile, Andy and his new assistant regional manager Darryl will find their business relationship strained when Andy learns that he is related to Michelle Obama. 


The Farm

It is well known that Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, is in the works of getting a spin-off show called “The Farm.” Before “The Farm” can become a reality, an episode of “The Office” will be called “The Farm.” That special episode will introduce viewers to more of Dwight’s oddball family members, including his sister Fannie, his nephew Cameron, his pot farmer brother Jeb and possible Nazi Uncle Heinrich.



Two New Hires

Dunder Mifflin is hiring! With Kaling leaving, Jake Lacy and Clark Duke (Dwight Jr. and the New Jim) will joining the cast as two new “Office” hires who have the misfortune of dealing with over 4,000 unanswered customer complaints that Kelly left behind.


The Taliban

Yes, somehow the Taliban gets tied into season nine of “The Office.” When new special projects manager, Nellie (Catherine Tate), makes a mandatory charity initiative, Dwight doesn’t fully agree. To protest Nellie’s plan, Dwight decides to support the Taliban.


Season nine of "The Office" premieres on Thursday, Sept. 20 on NBC.


Will you be tuning in for season nine of "The Office?"