Diablo 3, the newest title in Blizzard's action-adventure RPG franchise is set to be released in a little over a month on May 15. Details surrounding the game have slowly been revealed, but a new video posted by the company on YouTube shines the spotlight on the Barbarian, featuring new gameplay footage of the one man army with tremendous strength and a noble cause.

The Barbarian is the first of five playable classes in Diablo 3. In many ways he will be similar to the Barbarian from Diablo 2, with several key differences and updates. The Barbarian will also have many of the same skills, as well as some new ones.

Visually, the barbarian is a very new character. The male version looks like an older man with a white beard and graying hair, though he is still extremely muscular. There is also a female version, also muscular, with bright orange hair. The barbarian's natural resilience is fortified by their traditional armor and shields.

According to the YouTube spotlight on the Barbarian, he or she is a one man army who possess immense physical strength. 'Only in the midst of combat does he truly feel alive,' building up fury points during combat to unleash an unstoppable force in the form of whirlwind attacks and violent quakes that rip the ground to shreds.

The diablo.wikia.com page for the Barbarian includes the character's background, or lore. According to the site:

Though they were once misunderstood as simple, bloodthirsty invaders, the long and noble history of these proud people is now rightly acknowledged. And therein lies the greater tragedy here, for those of us familiar with the nobility of the barbarians remember too what they call their vigil, the concept that lay at the very heart of their culture.

New features for Diablo 3 have earned some criticism from video game consumers in online forums, particularly regarding how Rune points are doled out, and the new difficulty setting, Inferno. One moderator, calling himself Bashiok, responded to complaints about too-easy gameplay.

You're going to die, a lot, and you're going to have a horrible character for quite a while, he posted. You're not going to hit 60 and finish the game on Inferno. You're going to be smashing your face against Act 1 Inferno for weeks. Perfecting your build before then will not matter.