"How I Met Your Mother" has another month before season eight premieres, but the spoilers just keep on coming. The latest scoop to leak is about a familiar face returning to the series, as well as more gossip on the Victoria and Ted reunion.

So, who is this mysterious familiar face? It's none other than "Breaking Bad" star Bob Odenkirk. Odenkirk is very well accustomed to the "How I Met Your Mother" set. The actor previously played Arthur Hobbs on the comedy, Marshall's boss at Goliath National Bank. Hobbs was last spotted in season six of "HIMYM," but the character will return pretty quickly in season eight. TVLine reports that Odenkirk will appear in episode 2, "when his corporate lawyer pseudo-represents Barney in his pre-nup negotiations with Quinn."

Besides news on the Bob Odenkirk guest spot, we also gathered some more information on Ted and Victoria.

As previously reported, although season seven ended with the duo driving off into the sunset, they are far from having a fairy tale ending. When Ted learns that runaway bride Victoria failed to leave her groom a note some trouble in paradise ensues.

According to TVLine, Ted demands that Victoria return to leave a "Dear John" note for the abandoned fiancé. Ted even goes as far as to drive Victoria back to the wedding ceremony.

"It's their first project as a couple again," Victoria's Ashley Williams explained.

Even though the pair just got back together, their relationship definitely has an expiration date...and it's approaching soon. Williams is reportedly set to appear in at least five episodes, but it's already been confirmed that she is not "the mother" of Ted's children.

"How I Met Your Mother" returns to CBS on Sept. 24.