Vampire Diaries fans rejoice! Just because Matt Davis' character Alaric was turned into a vampire, killed when Elena died and cast on an entirely different show airing on the CW, doesn't mean that he's not returning to the Vampire Diaries in season four.

Davis, who is appearing on the CW's new mid-season show Cult, revealed to that there are plans for Alaric to return to Mystic Falls! - He thinks.

While at Comic-Con, Davis revealed that he's been talking to Vampire Diaries producers about making his way back onto the series.

I think there are plans to come back, the capacity of which I'm not sure, he explained.

Even though Alaric is very dead on the Vampire Diaries, that hasn't stopped past deceased characters from making a comeback! After Bonnie brought back Jeremy from the dead, Jeremy contracted the ability to see ghosts. Similar to Matt Davis' situation of two shows, Lauren Cohan who played vampire Rose in season two, appeared in season three as a ghost, while still playing Maggie on The Walking Dead.

At the end of season three we saw Alaric telling Jeremy that he needs to be fighting vampires. Is it possible that Alaric will reappear to enforce this message upon Jeremy? Or maybe Alaric will come to apologize for the trouble he caused as an evil vampire/vampire hunter.

Another option for Matt Davis' return to the Vampire Diaries? A good old flashback.

Whatever way Alaric returns to Mystic Falls, Matt Davis can't wait.

It's great, he said at Comic-Con. I'm thrilled by it!

How do you think Alaric will return on the Vampire Diaries?