The Internet can be a scary place, a fact that anti-virus software company McAfee knows too well. For the fifth consecutive year, the company has ranked which celebrities have the most dangerous online presence.

The McAfee list shows which celebrity names hackers and cybercriminals use most often to lure people to sites that are actually laden with malicious software.

Anyone looking for the latest videos or pictures could end up with a malware-ridden computer instead of just trendy content, McAfee said on its Web site.

When searching for the number one most dangerous person (named at the end of the slideshow), especially with the tags free, download, photos, and video, there is a one-in-ten chance that a user will download a virus or malware.

McAfee also ranked the most dangerous types of pages and search terms. The phrase word unscrambler has an average risk of 16 percent, while the category Lyrics is by far the most dangerous type of page.

Click through to see the complete dangerous celebrities list. Does it come as any surprise that 8 out of 10 of the people on the list are female?