When is the last time that you took an expensive vacation? With the recent boom in travel bargain sites, most people are seeking out the cheapest deals they can find. Even still, there are some destinations that are way out of the average person's economic reach.

UBS Wealth Management Research, a Swiss-based global financial services company, recently conducted a Regular Prices and Earnings report that separated the deal-breaker destinations from the truly expensive cities. Their study accounted for factors such as currency strength and travel essentials like hotels, food and transportation.

What did they come up with? Well the good news is that the U.S. has become a much more wallet-friendly option when it comes to vacationing, along with some of the world's more popular tourist spots following suit. The bad news is, there are still those spectacular cities that, no matter how many deals you find, you should still try to avoid. Based on the Prices and Earnings report, here are the 10 cities most likely to make a dent in your wallet.