Both AT&T and Sprint are offering some quality kit on major discounts, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 is just $10 on contract at AT&T. Sprint has the Samsung Nexus S 4G for free until the end of March, but we don't know how long AT&T will keep the Galaxy S2 at only $10. Additionally, the price for the S2 is on the Web site only, and the Nexus S price is for new lines only, no upgrades. 

In this case, we would only recommend the Nexus S 4G if you are all about Sprint's unlimited data plans. If that isn't a consideration or if you are already on one of AT&T's unlimited plans, then the Galaxy S2 is the way to go. It's newer, has more features and a larger screen. AT&T has already updated one of its newest phones to the Android 4.0 system, so the Galaxy S2 might even get the update before the Nexus S. Although some Nexus S phones did get an over-the-air update in December, the process was aborted with another update planned.

There's no timetable for when either phone will get it however.  Check out the slideshow for more details and see what features these two Android phones are packing. Let us know if you're getting one of the deals or if you're holding out for one of the new superphones like the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3.

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